EPT9 Deauville Day 3: The all-in triangle, a warning sign for everyone

February 06, 2013

It’s a small piece of plastic, but today the all-in triangle will take greater significance that at any other time this week.

The all-in triangle is a relatively new innovation, introduced at EPT Barcelona in Season 8, which is placed, nay tossed towards an all-in player, the moment they announce their intention to shove. For Fabio Sperling it seemed excruciating.

The reaction of different players when they receive the triangle, which is reminiscent of the red warning sign you’re required to place on the road when your car has broken down in a lay-by. In that situation it suggests that you were negligent when it came to looking after your automobile. Here, it suggests a similar approach to your stack. How could you be so careless? Didn’t you know this might happen?

Either way it spells danger, and Sperling knew it as his stack of 57,000, not much in this day and age, was laid out in front of him, dirty laundry hung out to dry. As James Hartigan would say; “Give him the triangle.”


The all-in triangle

Sperling did his best to hide his shame, covering his mouth with a scarf and holding his head in his hands. He waited as players around him took their time to fold, one or two of them tanking to length the excruciation. They passed. Sperling had survived, although as he handed his cards back to the dealer he did so while giving the toxic triangle a wide berth.

It’s not always a painful process. Some players, perhaps with more experience and world weariness, having been all-in thousands of times before, take it well, holding their ground as the triangle is brought out.

Freddy Deeb could never be accused of fluffing his lines. His posture when all-in is more defiance than anything else. He sat through it, staring down every player as they folded, then restacked his chips when nobody made the call. Without waiting Deeb tossed the triangle back to the dealer himself.


Freddy Deeb

Each dealer has two of these triangles by the way. There is no provision for a four way all-in.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t taken part int he Twitter competition for a free $22 ticket, click through here. Back to the tournament floor and live coverage from the main event can be found on our live coverage page.


Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter


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