EPT9 Deauville: Jonathan Duhamel, star of the show

February 03, 2013

Among the easiest decisions the PokerStars.tv honchos have ever had to make was to lavish the EPT Live attentions today on table 31. Although it is an entirely random table draw at all EPT events, such is the quality of the fields you can usually be guaranteed at least one absolute brute of a table, and today that is its number.

Two of the ten seats there are occupied by the 2012 Bluff and GPI Player of the Year Marvin Rettenmaier and the 2010 World Series of Poker champion Jonathan Duhamel. There’s also Kenny Hallaert and Elisabeth Hille, which makes for one hell of a table.

Sarah Grant of PokerStars.tv caught up with Duhamel earlier, where that tough table was very much the subject of discussion.


Elisabeth Hille (centre) and Marvin Rettenmeier (right), before they were moved to the TV stage


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