EPT9 Grand Final: Adam ‘Roothlus’ Levy’s online-live double final table

May 14, 2013

Adam Levy has just won the SCOOP-03-M ($55+R six-max) for $76,484. This post was written in the lead up to that SCOOP win.

While the €100,000 Super High Roller field was playing down towards the final table, news filtered through that Adam Levy was busy trying to achieve his own incredible feat. Levy, who plays as ‘Roothlus’ at PokerStars, was deep and well stacked in the €500,000 guaranteed Monaco Cup which was playing out just yards away from the Super High Rollers. So far, so standard at the EPT Grand Final. Then we saw this tweet:

Levy was on for the online-live double with €120,000 for first in his bricks-and-mortar tournament and $74,262 for the win in the SCOOP-03-M, but facing stiff competition in both. In the Monaco Cup, Levy was sandwiched between top British online grinder Rhys ‘floppinhel’ Jones and American David ‘dpeters17’ Peters who have around $5 million in online tournament winnings between them. The action was five-handed when we arrived, just after a deal had been made.


Rhys Jones, Adam Levy and SCOOP

Holding position on a chair to Levy’s left sat a laptop with one single PokerStars table open. In that game Levy faced another talent-heavy line up, which included last season’s EPT Grand Final champion Mohsin ‘sms9231’ Charania, Chris ‘NigDawG’ Brammer and Steve ‘gboro780’ Gross. The online tournament cashes of those last two alone combines for $9 million.


Multi-tabling ftw

Doing a live-online double at this level would be unprecedented. And if Levy was able to win the trophy would his winner’s photo feature Levy’s bearded visage gazing down at his laptop while his non-mousepad hand flailed his winning cards roughly in the direction of an irritated Joe Giron, a man both detailed to side events coverage here in Monaco and with whom who you would not want annoyed with you (he was the official snapper for heavy metal band Pantera for years).

Levy sidestepped this quandary by getting himself busted in the Monaco Cup in 3rd place jamming pocket twos into Giuliano Bendinelli’s A♣8♣. Levy flopped a set but Bendinelli turned the nut flush to send Levy to the rail, winning ticket worth €47,700 in one hand and laptop with a whole heap of tournament equity in the other.


Bendinelli (who went on to win the Monaco Cup)

I caught up with Levy after he settled with tournament staff and had planted himself at the nearest available empty table to continue his grind. After checking it wouldn’t interrupt his online final, the question was posed, somewhat tongue in cheek, whether he was disappointed that he couldn’t now do the live-online double.

“Yeah, a little bit because it seems so epic, but doing two final tables at once is already sick in itself… I got the bronze and if I could get the bronze here (in the SCOOP) I’d be ecstatic as well” said Levy, obviously thrilled with his podium finish in the Monaco Cup

The action in the SCOOP was five-handed at this point with ‘Roothlus’ holding a virtual joint chip lead with Charania, while the other heroes peddled short stacks. Multi-tabling is second nature to most, but surely chasing two titles in different realms of reality makes things more difficult?


Chasing the SCOOP title

“It might have affected me a little bit but after a while I got used to it and got into the pattern of looking here, moving in here, looking back and check-raising there. Timing-wise it was kind of cool. The fact that I could final table them both together is pretty frickin’ hard to do,” said Levy

Putting the money to one side, which would Levy rather win given the choice of taking the Monaco Cup trophy or a SCOOP watch?

“I think the Monaco Cup, actually if you look at the skill level of this table and the regulars who I play with all the time it’s pretty insane. I guess winning a SCOOP would be cool,” said Levy.

It turned out to be a good decision given that was the tournament that he was still live in and went on to win beating Charania heads up. That live-online SCOOP double will have to wait until next year.


Adam ‘Roothlus’ Levy

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