EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Ivey re-enters as last 32 pursue seat on final table

May 14, 2013

The Super High Rollers enjoyed a day on the main stage yesterday, which, after eight levels of play left 30 of them. There was an heir of relaxation, as you’d expect in an event in which the threat of elimination comes not from your opponents, but the familiarity of your bank manager has at seeing six figure sums leaving your bank account.

Today that changes. With play under way the opportunity to re-enter has now closed, meaning that elimination is now permanent, however much the busted kick and scream. There are also two more entries, taking the playing field to 32. They include a new player, Frenchman Samir Taouint, and none other than Phil Ivey, firing his third bullet (this one made of silver). One would think he had a better aim.


The view from outside

The plan for today is likely to be ten levels today, taking us to a final table or the money bubble, although not everyone is convinced, including Igor Kurganov. When told this he paused, looked up into space and did a quick calculation in his head – a pose that, when performed by a man paying €100,000 to play a poker tournament, speaks of wisdom. “No more than eight levels”, he said. A lot of people have since placed their faith in Kurganov.

So who are those 32 players? The seat draw is below.

1 1 Timothy Adams United States 306,000
1 3 Paul Newey United Kingdom 597,000
1 4 Erik Seidel United States 494,000
1 5 Antonio Esfandiari United States 281,000
1 6 Daniel Stern United States 113,000
1 7 Scott Seiver United States 759,000

2 2 Mikhail Smirnov Russian Federation 24,000
2 3 Tony Gregg United States 68,000
2 4 Mike Watson Canada 573,000
2 5 Igor Kurganov Germany 90,000
2 6 Jason Mercier United States 1,183,000
2 8 Niklas Heinecker Germany 372,000

3 1 Max Altergott Germany 310,000
3 3 Andrew Lichtenberger United States 272,000
3 4 Vladimir Troyanovskiy Russian Federation 737,000
3 6 Talal Shakerchi United Kingdom 346,000
3 7 Isaac Haxton United States 203,000
3 8 Marvin Rettenmaier Germany 354,000

4 1 Dan Smith United States 177,000
4 2 Philipp Gruissem Germany 481,000
4 4 Sam Trickett United Kingdom 510,000
4 5 Fabian Quoss Germany 797,000
4 7 Patrik Antonius Finland 96,000
4 8 Daniel Negreanu Canada 470,000

We’re off. You can follow all the action right here on the PokerStars Blog, with live updates on the live coverage page.

NOTE: We now see what Igor Kurganov meant. He’s out, fives against queens. His day will not be lasting ten levels.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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