Getting your first recorded live win is always nice but for most it’s a 16th place min-cash in a random Wednesday night £40 buy-in. Not so for Gioi Tran who collected £6,700 after a three-handed deal. A £100 saver had also been made at the beginning of the final table making David Garvin a very happy boy (but, retrospectively, no one else).

EPT9 London, event #20
Date: 16 March 2013
Buy-in: £330
Game: NLHE Spring Fling Turbo
Players: 105
Prize pool: £25,000


Gioi Tran

1. Gioi Tran, UK, £6,700
2. Joshua Aaron Simring, USA, £5,250
3. Grzegorz Wyraz, Poland, £5,250
4. Michael Dover Klint, Sweden, £2,275
5. Philip Lee, UK, £1,650
6. Jean Issa, UK, £1,150
7. Andrew Richards, UK, £1,025
8. Hylton Goss, UK, £900
9. David Garvin, UK, £800

*Nine-way deal was made (including a saver for 9th).

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