How long will the high rollers be playing tonight? Well, Isaac Haxton’s request for a double espresso might be some indicator.

The high rollers have before them eight hours of play scheduled tonight, which should take up them up to around 12.45am. In the general scheme of poker that’s not that late, but it still means a long spell at the tables, with an hour off for dinner at around 8.20pm.

Some players though look like their preparing themselves for a long night at the table.
Mark Teltscher, who was absent from the main event this week – which he won seven seasons ago – plays this one. Wearing a plain grey t-shirt he paces the aisles swinging his arms around, getting air in his lungs and energy in his raising arm. Meanwhile another player carbs up with a plate of pasta.

Some don’t look as shattered as perhaps they should.

Mike McDonald, who has been playing since 12 noon in the main event, has made a seamless transition into the high roller, looking fresh and energized for what he’ll hope to be another six hours of play.


The view from above Faraz Jaka’s head

He’s is one of several familiar sights you expect in an EPT High Roller. Others include the massage therapists working at maximum effort, Scott Seiver gut-laughing about something, and Dan Shak working his other job on an IPad. Kevin MacPhee is also plugged in. Worried about his entertainment options tonight he has three devices to play with.


Team Radio Shack Pro Kevin MacPhee

It looks like the biggest and most expensive home game in the world, with everyone familiar with everyone else, with only a handful of exceptions. As the play on a £1/£3 hold’em table is called over the loud speaker, putting things in vivid perspective for the participants of that game, each of whom will be risking a buy-in of £150.

Follow all the action through to the finish tonight via the High Roller widget.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter


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