We’re three-handed in the £10,300 High Roller here at EPT London and with no deal on the table there are two players under pressure who you wouldn’t usually expect. Faraz Jaka and Fabian Quoss are fighting from behind facing two large pay jumps

Quoss has clocked up $2,846,256 in live tournament winnings, a large chunk of which has come from high roller events. Jaka is up to $3,447,129 after last year enjoying his second twelve-month haul of more than a million dollars.

In comparison Talal Shakerchi has moderate winnings, just $882,305. It’s not even seven figures. Pah.


Talal Shakerchi, yesterday

Currently Shakerchi is in the driving seat with a 4,600,000 to 1,300,000 (Jaka) and 1,000,000 (Quoss) lead. And he’s showing no intention in making a deal, despite the huge amount of money in play. Shakerchi is money man, a superstar of the UK hedge fund management sector, and with this chip lead he’s not interested in dealing.

1st: £436,330
2nd: £241,670
3rd: £147,690

Shakerchi is sat at one end of the table with a large stack of chips looking incredibly relaxed; absently rubbing his mouth, elbows casually resting on the rail. However, beneath the table his legs are angled sharply backwards, tucked beneath his chair with just the point of his shows touching the floor. Don’t be fooled by the body language up top, he’s focussed on the win.

Breaking news
News just through. Shakerchi now holds 5.5m to Jaka’s 1.2m and Quoss has been sent to the rail.

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