EPT9 Monaco: New tweaks to Open-Face Chinese

May 06, 2013

There was a whole lot of commotion around that first Open-Face Chinese tournament which took place in the PCA less than half a year ago. We asked then whether it was passing fad or not. If you take a look in the Salle des Etoiles, past the Day 1A line-up of World Champions and tennis superstars, you’ll see a long spread of tables kind of answering that question, all of which contain four playing the first side event of a packed EPT Monaco schedule here.


Shaun ‘shaundeeb’ Deeb

The €2,150 Open-Face Chinese not only has unlimited re-entries but it also has some new rules. Tweaks really. The biggest of which is that player can only win as many chips as they currently have preventing someone with just a couple of chips hitting a royal flush and miraculously inflating their stack. Among those currently testing those new rules are Team PokerStars Victor Ramdin and High Roller Scott Seiver, both of whom have been enthusiastically embraced by EPT Sarnremo final tablist Artem Litvinov who is fast becoming a fixture among the elite fields. At other tables, players such as Shaun Deeb, David Benyamine, Luke Schwartz and Alex Kravchenko all toss chips back and forth. We won’t be giving live coverage but the final results will be here, as will every single other side event results.


Luke Schwartz

Check out the full rules below for a handy print-out-and-keep guide (and here’s who’s playing today so far).

Nacho Barbero, Marcin Horecki, Alex Kravchenko, Eugene Katchalov, Victor Ramdin, Shixia Liu, Eric Qu, David Benyamine, Nicolas Ren, Bruno Fitoussi, Jens Lakemeier, Tobias Hausen, Mihails Morozovs, Mikal Blomlie, Liya Gerasimova, Dimitrii Aleksandrovich Naumov, Andrey Gulyy, Maksim Semisoshenko, Andrey Zaichenko, Dmitry Vitkind, Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Nikita Nikolaev, Mikhail Ustinov, Ismail Erkenov, Evgeny Taranyuk, Yakov Onuchin, Yulius Sepman, Pavel Krasnoselskii, Iurii Bystrov, Konstantin Maslak, Ivan Kudriavtcev, Alex Mos, Raul Paez, David Cabrera, Sergii Baranov, Luke Schwartz, Chun Ho Law, Iaran Lightbourne, Elior Benjamin Sion, Matthew Ashton, Thomas Wahlroos, Joseph Cheong, Shaun Deeb, Joe Kuether, Michael Schwartz, Tom Marchese and Scott Seiver.

The tournament rules for Open-Face Chinese
1. Game will be dealt 4 handed.
2. Final Table will be played 5 handed with the button being dealt out.
3. Players will receive cards 6 through 13 individually, face down. When they act, the next player will then be dealt their card.
4. Players who expose a card out of turn will be penalized 1 point per active player in the hand.
5. Players who miss a hand will pay a 3 point penalty per active player in the hand, but will not have to pay any royalties accrued on that hand.
6. Players who miss a hand may not receive any penalty chips from any other players in the hand.
7. Once clock is called, players will have 30 seconds to act on their hand. Players who do not act before time expires will have their hand declared fouled and will pay a full penalty plus all applicable royalties.
8. Verbal action is not binding and a player’s turn will not be completed until they have placed their card and removed their hand (like Chess).
9. Players will be allowed to step away from the table provided their hand has no remaining decisions to be made (EX. Flush on bottom, straight in middle, with 3 cards to come that can ONLY be placed up top, or a hand that is already fouled and cannot be redeemed).
10. Players will NOT be allowed to step away from the table during hands where decisions remain. Any player who does so will have their hand declared fouled and will pay a full penalty plus all applicable royalties.


Paying points and royalties
All points and royalties will be paid in position order, starting with the player in 1st position. Each individual player transaction will be completed in full before moving on to the next transaction. A player is eliminated from the event when they cannot pay the full points owed to an individual player in turn. Players who reach “zero” points during the course of their individual transactions will be eliminated from the event.

Seat 1 is in first position and has ten points. Seat 1 owes Seat 2 twelve points, but will receive twenty points from both Seat 3 and Seat 4. Seat 1 does not have enough points to complete the transaction with Seat 2 and is therefore eliminated from the event even though Seat’s 3 and 4 both owe Seat 1 chips.
Players are only eligible to win or lose the amount of chips they began the hand with. As an example, Player A has 12 points; he can win or lose only 12 points from Player B. If he wins 8 points from Player B, he now has a total of 4 points remaining of his original 12 for his transaction with Player C. If he wins or loses those 4 points he will have concluded his actions and will have no transactions with Player D.

Beat: 1
Scoop: 6
Foul: 6 to each player

Royalties for bottom hand
Straight: +2
Flush: + 4
Full House: +6
Quads: +10
Straight Flush: +15
Royal Flush: +25

Royalties for middle hand
Trips: +2
Straight: +4
Flush: + 8
Full House: +12
Quads: +20
Straight Flush: +30
Royal Flush: +50

Royalties for top hand
66 +1 AA +9 888 +16
77 +2 222 +10 999 +17
88 +3 333 +11 TTT +18
99 +4 444 +12 JJJ +19
TT +5 555 +13 QQQ +20
JJ +6 666 +14 KKK +21
QQ +7 777 +15 AAA +22
KK +8

1. 100
2. 200
3. 300
4. 400
5. 500
6. 600
7. 800
8. 1,000
9. 1,200
10. 1,500
11. 2,000
12. 2,500
13. 3,000
14. 4,000
15. 5,000
16. 6,000
17. 8,000
18. 10,000
19. 12,000
20. 15,000
21. 20,000
22. 25,000
23. 30,000


Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko

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