EPT9 Prague: Arnett and Dacey set up day four

December 13, 2012

Kristy Arnett, of PokerStars.tv, and Rick Dacey, of PokerStars Blog, are forming quite the sizzling on-screen romance here at EPT Prague. The latest edition of their will-they, won’t-they* flirtation can be seen below, as they set up the action for day four.

The day started with 55 players and there are close-ups of some of them in between the chatter on this three-minute clip. Today the likes of Ramzi Jelassi, Jeff Sarwer and Fabrice Soulier join Johnny Lodden, Chris Brammer et al in search of a place in the final 24.

Remember, you can still enter our terrific competition to win some tournament dollars by naming your winner from the returning 55.

Over to Arnacey…

*They won’t.


Ramzi Jelassi and Robert Peltecci tune in to the latest from PokerStars.tv


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