EPT9 Prague High Roller: Prepare for monster field

December 13, 2012

The main event is done for the day but the €10,000 High Roller event will now play on into the night. Eleven levels are scheduled which should trim the starting 113 players considerably. Regardless of today’s carnage it’s a far larger field than was first anticipated.

With so much poker going on across the city of Prague this week, some players thought there would not be more than about 30 or 40 showing up for the highest buy in event. Jason Mercier, for instance, changed his flight back to the United States, intending to give the tournament a miss. But when he found out that entrant numbers had moved into three figures, he emerged in the tournament room and took his seat.


Jason Mercier, nothing doing in the main event, but back for the High Roller

Five of the confirmed 113 entries were reloads – ie, people who lost their stack early and then fired a second bullet – taking the total prize pool to €1,107,000. Tournament organisers have not yet published the full payout schedule, but it will be with us by start of play tomorrow.

That is also when we will begin full hand-by-hand coverage, so be sure to tune in from about 1pm Friday for the full PokerStars Blog treatment. In the meantime, check in on all our main event coverage, have a look at the side events, and prepare for a weekend of high roller-ing.


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