EPT9 Prague: Mark Herm making moves over the Atlantic

December 13, 2012

You might expect, with a matter of €830,000 on the line, that players would be a little cautious with their chips. But that’s really not how high stakes tournament poker is played. And you should know better than that.

Even so, Mark Herm has found it to be particularly wild on day four in Prague, as he explains to Kristy Arnett of PokerStars.tv.

Herm has been quietly going about his business for the past three days and has already locked up the biggest European cash of his career. He has had a good string of results in his native United States, but has never cashed on this side of the Atlantic.

Now, with 24 players left, he is looking at at least €25,000.


Mark Herm, good level


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