EPT9 Prague: Pawel Zawadowicz wins button for career best €33,100

December 14, 2012

Pawel Zawadowicz last night recorded a career-best win to take down the six-handed ‘Win the button’ tournament for €33,100. It was also a second impressive top three finish for Ari Engel who has been tearing into the side events here in Prague.

Event #17, 13 December
Buy-in: €1,100
Game: NLHE ‘Win the button’ six-handed
Players: 121
Prize pool: €117,370


Pawel Zawadowicz

1. Pawel Zawadowicz, Poland, €33,100
2. Daniel Dodet, Belgium, €21,100
3. Ari Engel, USA, €17,900
4. Jakob Tostesen, Denmark, €9,400
5. Anatoly Filatov, Russia, €7,600
6. Mateusz Moolhuizen, Netherlands, €5,900
7. Georgios Tzimas, Greece, €4,700
8. Alexander Kell, Germany, €3,550
9. Andrey Shatilov, Russia, €2,590
10. Hung-Tu Wang, China, €2,590
11. Stefano Francescon, Italy, €2,350
12. Tomas Pleticha, Czech Republic, €2,350
13. Kimmo Kurko, Finland, €2,120
14. Andreas Vlachos, Greece, €2,120

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