EPT9 Prague: Spanish hopes rest on spirited Gomez

December 14, 2012

Earlier we introduced Diego Gomez, the jumpy Spaniard who in a break from poker tradition, turned up to play wearing a spotted bow tie. It’s since emerged that his socks match the tie, but his shirt is now un-tucked and his hair, a scrawl of curls and cowlicks at the start, has lost its look of organised chaos and is now modeled on regular chaos.

Regardless, there’s no doubting that the spirited Gomez is the “character” at EPT Prague, celebrating noisily, elaborately and with as much swagger as he can manage in a pair of tight fitting jeans and wingtips.


Diego Gomez in action

For their part, the crowd love it. Maybe it’s because he has brought some life to the party. Or maybe it’s because they are all his friends and drink has been taken.

Nevertheless Gomez remains Spain’s latest hope at a first EPT win. Prague served as a catalyst for Italian poker four years ago when Salvatore Bonavena took a first title. Could it prove equally historic for the Spanish?

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