Erashovo picks up TPL win

March 15, 2011


“Erashovo” is the Twitter Poker League champion for this week, after beating the 1,191 strong field. Confusion was a big part of #tpoker this week, and not just the usual cases of not understanding at all why ‘that guy’ put 75BB in with a gutshot on the turn. Due to the American daylight savings hour changes the tournament started an hour earlier than usual, thankfully though there was still a healthy turnout.

The last week’s top four players were picked as bounty players this week (“JjaXbax1”, “jefkez”, “YRa3” and “SeniorX72”), but sadly only one of them managed to register! Whether this was because of the daylight saving start time changes or because the other three were busy trying to play Isildur with their winnings from last week, I don’t know. What I do know is that “jefkez” (@Jefoss) was the sole bounty for this week.

He tweeted very early on to let me know that he had been knocked out, and he wasn’t at all happy:

“#tpoker pocket 10’s vs. pocket 9’s preflop 10’s lose and I’m out already! ‘Rodens’ took my bounty.”

It was certainly “Rodens”‘ lucky day, not only did he win the hand as a 4:1 underdog to claim the 300FPP bounty, he made quads by the time he got to the river!


Usually four of a kind is the biggest hand I see while watching the action at the tables each week, though it has to be said I can’t watch every table. This week I, along with the 8 players at the table witnessed a Royal Flush being dealt.

6 2 royal.PNG

“Very nice hand tictacman” Not long after that we were playing hand for hand for the second time, and the final table was only a player away. “Royalboyz” pushed all in bravely with 8♦8♥ on the final table bubble and ran into the K♦K♠ of “Erashovo” and was out. At the same time “SandyB2008” also lost an all-in, but as they hand more chips than “Royalboyz” and so was granted 9th place. So 8 players gathered around the final table, “Erashovo” lead the way with over 420k in chips and Twitter Poker League regular “Thorax110” was the shortest at the table with a mere 70k.

As you might expect the shortest stack was the first to fall, “Thorax110” went all-in with A♥Q♣ on the button, only to be caught out by the small blind (“cph_viking44”) who held A♠K♠. The board ran out 6♥4♥A♦ 3♣ 9♥ and “Thorax110” was out in 8th place, and took $23.22 with him. 7th place this week went to “frozenkex” who shoved his Q♦Q♥ from the button and flopped a set on the flop of 8♣Q♠7♣ but was outdrawn by “cph_viking44″‘s K♣J♣ when the turn and river came 2♥ and 9♣ respectively. So “cph_viking44” had eliminated another player with that flush and jumped to second in chips, only slightly behind “checkflagman”.

That chipstack didn’t stay that way for long though and a few orbits later “cph_viking44” was left with less than a big blind and couldn’t win vs. 3 callers. He went out in 6th place and received $47.04, plus 13 leaderboard points. Four hands after that “said124” made somewhat of a hero call with 2♣2♦ vs. the all-in from “penguinnuts” A♣K♣, with a 2♠ on the flop it was virtually all over and the 3♥ on the turn sealed the deal.

Four handed play was fast and aggressive, and “Erashovo” was the overwhelming chip leader with more than 875k. “checkflagman” who had done a spectacular job of losing chips lately soon found himself committed with 6♥6♦ in the big blind, he lost the flip with the small blind 7♦9♠ when a nine fell on the river. The very next hand “gec883” who was by far the shortest of the three remaining players, decided to go with his small piece of the board. He had flopped a pair of nines J♥9♥3♣ with his 9♣5♣ from the big blind, but had been trapped by “Erashovo” who held A♣A♦. No miracle turn or river cards, and the match was now heads up.

It was a long and tough heads up match between the chip leader “Erashovo” and “said124”. The chips flew back and forth, and one hand could have changed the whole match can be seen below:

6 2 straight.PNG

“I have a straight”

Nearly a million chips were in the middle on the turn, “Erashovo” must have been sweating hard as he only had 3 outs for a chop! Any card other than a Jack on the river would give “said124” the lead and a good shot at winning the match all together. While 94% of the time he will lose, the J♦ did arrive on the river, splitting the pot and probably the heart of “said124”. The match ended with a good old fashioned cooler, both players made a set of Kings by the river on a board of 5♦4♠K♦ 2♠ K♠, but “said124” was outkicked only holding K♥3♣ vs. the “Erashovo” K♣9♣.

We are only 2 weeks into Season 6, it is still very much anyone’s game. Nobody has a big lead and one win will put you in at least the top 3! Registration is already open for next week’s game, why not sign up now; TourneyID: 368741640, the early bird catches the worm right? There will be 300FPP bounties on “Erashovo”, “said124”, “gec883” and “checkflagman” next week, so look out for them, and good luck to you all!


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