Eureka Croatia: Day 1A, levels 5, 6, 7 & 8 updates (blinds 300-600 ante 50)

August 24, 2011


12am: Break time
The remaining players are now on their last 15 minute break of the evening. You’ll find level nine updates in a new post. One player to have busted shortly before the break was Irishman Owen Shiels.

11.50pm: Moneymaker on a heater
Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker now has 64,000 which is double the average stack and is right up with the chip leaders. I said surely there’s something blog worthy behind how you got those chips Chris?

“I was card dead and then went on a heater,” explained Moneymaker. “I was down to 12,000 then doubled up with sevens against fives all-in on the flop and then shortly after doubled again with tens against sevens. After that i’ve just been chipping up.”

11.35pm: Chip counts
A few chip counts for you: Marko Martincevic (40,000), Denis Kelemen (8,300), Ioannis Triantafyllidis (38,000) and Niklas Persson (12,000)

Chip counts of some description, be they full counts or just those of the table chip leadert will be done on the next break which is in 18 minutes, 57 players left.

11.20pm:You’ve got to have heart
Or should that be hearts, four of them to be exact. In an all-in pre-flop pot worth about 40,000, Marko Martincevic held A♥K♠ and Malte Redschiag had K♣K♥ – if you’ve spotted where this one is going well done. The board of 7♦7♥9♥J♥6♥ gave Martincevic the pot and saw Redschiag let out a noise that started as an ‘ooof’ and ended as a ‘ahhhhh’.

11.05pm: Exits
Recent exits include Stefanos Kollias, Baki Lazslo and Mario Vojvoda.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600, ante 50

10.50pm: Knez up
Or all the players at the same table as Chris Moneymaker, it’s been Marko Knezevic who’s caught the eye. The Croat has been accumulating chips steadily and hasn’t been afraid to pull off a big move or two.

I just saw him bet 7,000 into a pot of around 10,500 on a board of 6♣9♠9♦7♣ to drag the pot, he’s up to around 47,000.

10.30pm: Active Swede shocker
Every time i go past Niklas Persson’s table he seems to be involved in a chunky pot. I wandered past his table just in time to see him raise a 3,000 c-bet to 8,000 total on a A♥10♣5♣ flop. After a long dwell his opponent mucked his hand and Persson – who is wearing a Barcelona top – dragged the pot.

eureka croatia_day 1a_niklas persson.jpg

Niklas Persson

10.15pm: News in brief

– Chris Moneymaker is holding steady on around 20,000

– Pontos Pantelis one of the long time chip leaders is stilll going strong on 55,000

– Michael Leedham has slipped a little to 37,000

– Owen Shiels is grinding the short stack and has around 6,600, PokerStars blog must apologise for calling Shiels a Brit when he is in fact Irish. I blame a certain database site and their flags.

eureka croatia_day 1a_michael leedham.jpg

Michael Leedham

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 200-400 ante 50

9.55pm: Tib turns up the heat
I joined the action to see around 10,500 in the pot, a flop of Q♠2♣K♦ and bet of 5,300 in front of Niklas Persson. The action was on Tiberiu Zanfirache who was in the tank. He looked around at the tournament clock – perhaps to check the average stack (23,000) or how long was left in the level (two minutes), before eventually moving all-in.

This elicited a quick and audible fold from Persson who showed K♠5♠ as he mucked Zanfirache showed pocket aces. Gutsy play on what’s a scary board for aces in what was obviously a three or four-bet pot pre-flop. After that hand he’s up to around 54,550 and one of the chip leaders.

9.45pm: Held not long gone
Markus Held is the first post-dinner break casualty. Although i missed the hand I was alerted by a cry of seat open and I saw Tiberiu Zanfirache stacking his chips.

9.35pm: Back from the break
There’s approximately 26 minutes left in level six.

8.35pm: Dinner break
Well this is new they’ve paused the clock mid-level to send the players on dinner break. Apparently this is because the tournament started a little late and the restaurant has to stick to the same times they were given.

8.30pm: Chip counts
Michael Leedham is continuing his rollercoaster day he’s up to 45,000, Pontos Pantelis is on 42,000 and Denis Kelemen is on 26,725.

8.10pm: Double your Money
I noticed that Chris Moneymaker had doubled up to around 22,000 and he was involved in a bit of banter with Owen Shiels (whose stack had dipped to just 5,000), “Have I made Facebook yet?” asked Moneymaker, “Please be gentle,” he added. I sensed the TeamPokerStars Pro may have fortuitously gained his chips and he told me: “Yeah I sucked out, I four-bet in a bad spot.

7.50pm: Queen of the kickers
From early position Stefanos Kollias made it 750 to play and was flat called by Leon Kodric in the adjacent seat. The two of them saw a flop of 4♦10♠9♣, 1,050 from Kollias, call from Kodric.

The turn was the 9♥ and both players checked to see the K♦ complete the board. The Greek took the bet, check, bet line firing out 1,600 after a short dwell Kodric made the call and showed K♠Q♣ which just pipped Kollias’s K♥J♥.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300 ante 25

7.50pm: Exits
Just 82 of the 116 players who started remain here in Zagreb. As well as Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez we’ve lost: Hrvoje Lorkovic, Cristian Campus and Frano Strugar amongst others.

eureka croatia_day 1a_antonio dieguez rodriguez2.jpg

Rodriguez will have to wait until Eureka Romania

7.30pm: Show one show all
I just saw a most curious hand which reinforced the principle of show one, show all in the strangest way I’ve ever seen.

There was a raise from Chris Moneymaker and two calls before small blind Nir Levy also called. The big blind – Marko Knezevic – then turned to Levy and said: “I saw your cards,” and after Levy said that this was impossible, Knezevic whispered in Levy’s ear exactly what cards he had seen and it was established that he had in fact seen Levy’s hole cards.

At this point the floor was called and Tournament director Thomas Lamatsch, ruled that Levy’s hand was still live but if he was to continue in the pot he must show everyone his cards as it was his mistake for not protecting his hand, Levy showed K♣10♣ and Knezevic also called.

The flop was 4♣4♦A♣ which caused much hilarity from the table as Levy had flopped the nut flush draw. It was checked to Moneymaker who bet 1,000, it folded to Levy who thought for a while before mucking his hand, Knezevic then check-raised to 2,625.

Back on Moneymaker he said: “It’s hard for you to have a flush draw! You were in the blinds so you could have a four, will you show me if I fold?” This just elicited a shrug from Knezevic and after a bit more tank time, Moneymaker folded his hand.

7.10pm: Rodriquez out
I just saw Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez exit the tournament area with a glum look on his face, meaning he’s out. The Eureaka leaderboard leader will not be stretching his advantage here in Zagreb.

7pm: Chip leaders
During the break chip counts of the chip leaders at each table were done by tournament staff, their survey said these were the big stacks: Daniel Vincente Palau (35,050), Pontos Pantelis (45,500), Marko Knezevic (30,800), Denis Kelemen (34,500), Richard Bodis (33,150), Markq Martincevic (35,700), Tiberiu Zanfirache (34,550) and chip leader Lljubomir Josipovic (50,075).

6.50pm: Playing against the champ
One of the players at the same table as 2003 WSOP Main Event champion is Owen Shiels, I caught up with him during the break to ask what it’s like to play against Moneymaker: “He’s been calling with a lot of hands, low suited connectors that sort of thing,” said the Brit. “I took a few chips off him when I re-raised with aces and I think he called with K♣Q♣ and the flop was [Q][X][X] with two clubs. It went to showdown but he mucked his hand. He’s a nice guy, is fun to play against and the table’s been having some banter.

eureka croatia_day 1a_chris moneymaker2.jpg

Moneymaker – fun to play against

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Croatia: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Manuel Kovsca


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