Eureka Croatia: Day 1B, levels 14, 15, 16 & 17 updates (blinds 2,500-5,000 ante 500)

August 26, 2011


11.40pm: Two more exits, one double up and a break
Matija Pavlovic and Tiberiu Zanfirache have been eliminated in 22nd and 21st place respectively.

Meanwhile Roman Kadziela got somewhat fortunate to double up in the last hand before the break. He re-raised all-in for 38,300 with K♥10♠ after Marko Mikovic had opened to 11,000 with A♠6♦, the latter calling the extra 27,300.

The flop of 5♣A♣J♦ all but ended things but the K♠ turn and the 10♣ river was just the runner-runner tonic that Kadziela was looking for.

Players are on a 15 minute break. You’ll find level 18 updates in a new post.

11.37pm: Two more exits, 22 left
The runner-up at Eureka Bulgaria was Milan Rakic and he’s just been knocked out here in 23rd place. He re-raised all-in for 50,000 with pocket kings and Tomas Muraska was priced in to call with A♠7♠ and he duly flopped an ace to sen Rakic packing, still more leaderboard points for the Serbian.

Out in 24th was Dinko Kamenic, no details I’m afraid. I am very much flying solo, there is no other media here so if I miss an exit no one else will catch it for me. The media room is located outside of the tournament room but it does at least have working wi-fi, unlike the tournament room, so I am going to miss the occasional exit.

eureka croatia_day 2_milan rakic.jpg

Rakic’s lucky t-shirt and glasses proved anything but on the last hand

11.25pm: He is playing, honest
During the dinner break Romanian, Tiberiu Zanfirache came up to me and asked for a mention on the blog as his girlfriend didn’t believe him that he was still in and playing poker.

Anyway here’s his mention, he definitely still in although he’s short as he has just 65,000. Although I feel the mention may have got him in more trouble than it’s worth.

eureka croatia_day 2_tiberiu zanfirache.jpg

Tiberiu Zanfirache – pokering not partying

11.20pm: Greek tragedy
Huge pot alert! It was Greek on Greek action and it’s created one 675,000 chip monster and left another player out on his ear.
All the money went in pre-flop with Pontos Paniteleimon holding pocket aces and Vasileios Chantzaras holding pocket kings. The flop of 7♠6♠2♣ was innocent enough, but the K♦ turn was a huge curveball giving Chantzaras an unlikely lead. The Q♠ river saw Chantzaras drag a huge pot and eliminate Paniteleimon.

Calin Ciolte has also been eliminated, I’ll be updating the payouts page as often as I can.

11.05pm: Chipcounts
Here’s a few chip counts of those left in: Vasileios Chantzaras (365,000), Pontos Paniteleimon (230,000), Richard Bodis (340,000), Ioannis Triantafyllakis (260,000), Matej Marinovic (180,000), Marko Mikovic (265,000), Pavao Vujnovac (215,000), Martin Svub (70,000), Roman Kadziela (52,000).

11.02pm: Man in the money
The first post-bubble bust out has occurred with Danail Zhelev the first to trouble the cashiers cage. No details I’m afraid I was still attaching some sticky back plastic to the internet to ensure it stayed on.

11pm: Struggling
The shortest stack right now belongs to Tomas Muraska who has around 45,000 which is just nine big blinds, shove or fold time for him.

10.50pm: Technical difficulties
Apologies for lack of updates but the internet was down and some men with spanners have now fixed it. Luckily there’s been little to no action and 27 players still remain.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,500-5,000 ante 500

10.10pm: Running like God Christ
During the dinner break, Peter Christ told me that this was his first live tournament, in fact the live satellite he won on Wednesday night was the first time he’d ever played live poker.

He’s in the money here in Croatia and just got pretty lucky to stay alive. He was all-in pre-flop for his last 65,000 holding Q♠9♠ against Calin Ciolte’s pocket kings. However, the board ran Q♦5♥9♣7♣6♠ to double him up.

10pm: Joldzic bubbles
He was the shortest stack of the 29 who came back from dinner and Tihomir Joldzic couldn’t turn it around. He got his last 35,000 in with pocket fours but Pontos Paniteleimon found pocket aces and they held. The remaining 27 are all in the money.

9.55pm: Down to 28, on the bubble
Boris Savija is the 29th place finisher, he was all-in pre-flop for 65,000 with ace-jack but ran into the pocket queens of Calin Ciolte.

9.40pm: Chip counts
. The top five stacks are:

Vasileios Chantzaras, Greece, PokerStars Qualifier, 332,000
Richard Bodis, Hungary, 262,800
Pontos Paniteleimon, Greece, 232,000
Ioannis Triantafyllakis, Greece, PokerStars Qualifier, 230,400
Matej Marinovic, Croatia, 222,900

The five short stacks are:

Milan Rakic,Serbia, 82,900
Dinko Kamenic, Croatia, 80,200
Boris Savija, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 65,500
Tomas Muraska, Lithuania, 48,600
Tihomir Joldzic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 46,200

eureka croatia_day 2_vasileios chantzaras.jpg

The big stack

eureka croatia_day 2_tihomir joldzic.jpg

The shortstack

9.35pm: Back from the break
The players are back in their seats and play is underway again

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,000-4,000 ante 500

8.30pm: News in brief
– Players are now on a one hour dinner break

– There are 29 left, Damjan Murkovic the latest exit

– Just before the dinner break Pontos Paniteleimon made quad nines but sneakily checked the river and didn’t get paid off

8.15pm: Still 30 left
There’s still 30 players left and it looks unlikely that the bubble will burst before the dinner break which is in 15 minutes.

One player who was just at risk was Tihomir Joldzic who three-bet all-in for 29,200 with A♠K♠ and although Michael Lundquist had already put in 11,000 he took an age before calling with pocket eights.

The board ran Q♥Q♣3♦A♦6♦ to double up Jodzic.

8pm:Big stacks bullying
In a three-bet pot two of the bigger stacks – Marko Milkovic (button) and Ioannis Triantafyllakis (big blind) saw a flop of 4♦10♦9♦, Milkovic, the pre-flop aggressor c-bet 27,000 and Triantafyllakis made the call. Both players checked the 3♣ turn before Triantafyllakis set Milkovic all-in on the Q♥ river.

After tanking for at least five minutes Milkovic mucked his hand, Triantafyllakis is nearing 300,000 now.

7.45pm:Zaja zapped
Another close but no cigar goes to Alexander Zaja who re-raised all-in for 40,000 with A♠2♠ but ran into Matej Marinovic’s pocket jacks, the latter is now on 240,000.

31 left.

7.35pm: Exits
Just 33 remain here at Eureka Croatia, recent fallers include Daniel Mihai Rinzis, Igor Zivko and Ivan Brkicic.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500-3,000 ante 300

7.20pm: The big stacks
As well as Ioannis Triantafyllakis there’s a few other big stacks emerging. Vasileios Chantzaras has 280,000, Pavao Vujnovac has 215,00 and Richard Bodis has 260,000.

7.05pm: Down to 36
Just 36 remain, 27 get paid. Recent exits include: Marko Martincevic, Sasa Zorc and Boris Antonov.

7pm: New chip leader
Ioannis Triantafyllakis, the man who eliminated Chris Moneymaker, is putting those chips to good use as he’s the chip leader with around 240,000. I just saw him pad his stack still further.

On a 7♠10♠4♥ flop Milan Rakic had led for 7,200 into a pot of around 25,000 but when Triantafyllakis bumped it to 18,000 total he released his hand.

eureka croatia_day 2_ioannis triantafyllakis.jpg

Chip leader Ioannis Triantafyllakis

6.50pm: Chip counts
I’ve been slacking updating the chip counts page. Take a look by clicking here.

6.40pm: Chip leaders
The chip leader at the moment is Marko Mikovic who has 176,000, he’s closely followed by Calin Ciolte (164,800), Pontos Paniteleimon (162,100) and Carsten Luxig (157,900).

6.30pm: Bubble approaching
There’s just 43 players remaining here in Croatia and 27 will get paid. The tournament staff are doing full chip counts of the remaining players during the break and that information should be available shortly.

One player still in the hunt is Boris Savija.

eureka croatia_day 2_boris savija.jpg

Boris Savija

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Croatia: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Manuel Kovsca


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