Eureka Croatia: Day 3, levels 20, 21, 22 & 23 updates (blinds 10,000-20,000 ante 2,000)

August 27, 2011


7.10pm: End of the level
You’ll find level 24 updates in a new post shortly.

7pm: Richard Bodis doubles up
I don’t know exactly how the action went but with the board reading 7♣5♠A♥4♣2♣ and with around 300,000 in the middle Richard Bodis moved all-in for about 350,000 with 8♠6♣ and was called by Vasileios Chantzaras who had pocket threes for an inferior straight.

After that hand Bodis has just over a million, Chantzaras around 900,000, Carstn Luxig has 1,200,000 and Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez is the short stack with 650,000.

7pm: Michael Lundquist eliminated in 5th place (€11,000)
Oh boy are we playing poker here in Croatia, Vasileios Chantzaras just made an excellent call to eliminate Michael Lundquist.

The Greek button raised to 45,000 and Lundquist called from the big blind. Both players checked the 2♥J♥5♠ flop, before Lundquist led for 41,000 on the 8♣ turn, call from Chantzaras. The rvier was the 4♥ and Lundquist moved all-in for 167,000 total.

This sent Chantzaras deep into the tank, he asked if he could call the clock on himself, but Carsten Luxig then called it for him. Perhaps 30 seconds had elapsed before he announced call, Lundquist grimaced, he’d been caught, Chantzaras showed 6♥4♠ for third pair, Lundquist had K♦9♦ for third pair.

eureka croatia_day 3_michael lundquist.jpg

Lundquist – bluffed at the wrong time

6.50pm:Chantzaras brings the pain
Yet again Vasileios Chantzaras opened from under-the-gun for his standard 45,000, he was flat called by Carsten Luxig before Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez three-bet to 110,000 from the small blind.

Back on Chantzaras, he’d obviously had enough of Lopez’s three-bets, and moved all-in, both opponent’s folded with Lopez showing pocket eights as he did so.

6.35pm: Family pot
From under-the-gun Vasileios Chantzaras raised to 45,000 and everyone else called, yes that’s right everyone.

So five players saw a flop of 9♦2♠3♣, it checked to Chantzaras who c-bet 95,000, next to act Carsten Juxig raised to 220,000 total, this bet Michael Lundquist to pull a face that looked like he’d just swallowed a lemon flavoured wasp. He then reluctantly folded, as did everybody else.

After that pot it’s very close between Juxig and Chantzaras for the chip lead with both having around 1,050,000, Lundquist has 225,000, Bodis 500,000 and Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez has about 950,000.

6.25pm: Zvonko Petrovic eliminated in sixth place (€9,150)
From under-the-gun Carsten Luxig raised to 45,000 and Zvonko Petrovic defended his big blind.

The flop was 9♠Q♣2♥ and Petrovic checked to Luxig who bet 65,000, Petrovic instantly moved all-in for 208,000 total and after tanking for a couple of minutes (normal for Luxig it must be said) the German made the call.

Petrovic: 6♦6♠
Luxig: Q♦J♦

It was slim pickings for Petrovic and the turn and river came 9♥J♥ and the last remaining Croat is out in sixth.

eureka croatia_day 3_zvonko petrovic.jpg

Zvonko Petrovic knocked out in sixth

6.10pm: Lashings of chips for Lopez
The big mover in the last level was Spaniard Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez, who built his stack from 600,000 to 900,000 and he did it with no showdowns. Instead he’s just been three-betting relentlessly with Carsten Juxig a particular target of his.

6.10pm: Chips counts
Players are back in their seats, tournament director Thomas Lamatsch did chips counts during the break, here’s how the table stacks up.

Zvonko Petrovic, Croatia, 261,000
Carsten Luxig, Denmark, 524,000
Michael Lundquist, Denmark, 356,000
Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez, Spain, 910,000
Richard Bodis, Hungary, 737,000
Vasileios Chantzaras, Greece, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,052,000

eureka croatia_day 3_vasileios chantzaras.jpg

Chantzaras in charge in Croatia

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000-20,000, ante 2,000

5.55pm: Break time
Players are now on a 15 minute break.

5.40pm: Michael Lundquist doubles through Vasileios Chantzaras
From under-the-gun Michael Lundquist moved all-in for 178,000, it folded to Vasileios Chantzaras and he tanked before announcing call. On their backs:

Lundquist: A♠9♦
Chantzaras: 3♣3♥

The flop of 10♣Q♦2♠ bought no help for Lundquist, but the A♥ fell on the turn to vault him into the lead and the 5♠ completed the board to double him up to around 400,000 whilst Chantzaras drops to around 800,000.

5.35pm: Nothing to see here
The last 20 minutes have seen little or no action of note.

The two most active players have been Vasileios Chantzaras and Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez, with the former three-betting the latter liberally and, as yet, not getting looked up.

The shortest stack is Michael Lundquist who is down to around 170,000, he’s pushed just the once in the last three orbits and got it through.

5.15pm: Matej Marinovic eliminated in seventh place (€7,350)
Down to just over 200,000 Matej Marinovic shoved all-in from the button with [A][10] but ran into Vasileios Chantzaras’s [A][Q] the board helped neither, sending the Croat home in seventh. With that knockout Chantzaras regains the chip lead.

eureka croatia_day 3_matej marinovic.jpg

Matej Marinovic out in seventh

5pm: No flops no drops
There are very few flops being seen right now at the final table, the action is confined to pre-flop raise and takes, pre-flop three-bets getting through or pre-flop all-ins getting no takers.

The only thing approaching a showdown has been when Matej Marinovic moved all-in for 201,000 over the top of a 35,000 open from Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez, the Spaniard showing the A♣ as he mucked.

Apart from Marinovic, the other short stack is Michael Lundquist who has about 170,000.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000

4.45pm: Chip counts
I’ve just updated the chip counts page, Carsten Luxig and Richard Bodis the big movers since the start of the final.

4.35pm: Bodis takes the chip lead
For the first time since level 15, Vasileios Chantzaras has lost the chip lead and he lost it to Richard Bodis after the two of them played a chunky pot.

It had folded to Bodis in the small blind and he raised to 25,000, call from Chantzaras. The flop of 2♥4♦A♣ saw Bodis lead for 30,000, call from Chantzaras. The 6♠ fell on the turn and Bodis checked, Chantzaras bet 42,000, Bodis check-raised to 100,000 and Chantzaras made the call.

The 10♥ completed the board and Bodis checked it to Chantzaras who reached for chips and bet 125,000, Bodis made a swift call and showed A♠Q♦, Chantzaras mucked his cards. After that hand Bodis has around 900,000 whilst Chantzaras slips to 705,000.

4.25pm: Pots in brief
Before Marko Milkovic’s elimination not a lot had happened at the final table, here’s a recap of what little that did:

– Vasileios Chantzaras raised to 25,000 and was called by Carsten Luxig only for Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez to make it 60,000 total. Both players called and the three of them saw a flop of Q♣9♣10♠ a c-bet of 155,000 from Lopez won him the pot.

– Matej Marinovic made it 25,000 to play and picked up two callers (Luxig and Michael Lundquist). A c-bet of 40,000 on the Q♥3♣J♣ board gave Marinovic the pot.

4.15pm: Marko Milkovic eliminated in eighth place (€5,850)
A shortstacked Marko Milkovic got his last 80,000 in with K♦9♦ against Carsten Luxig’s [A][Q] and although he turned a flush draw he missed on the river and becomes the first casualty of the final table.

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_marko milkovic.jpg

Marko Milkovic

4pm: Play underway
Cards are finally in the air at the final table.

3.35pm: Final table chip counts

Zvonko Petrovic, Croatia, 405,000
Carsten Luxig, Germany, 575,500
Michael Lundquist, Denmark, 324,000
Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez, Spain, 609,000
Marko Milkovic, Croatia, 80,000
Matej Marinovic, Croatia, 227,000
Richard Bodis, Hungary, 533,000
Vasileios Chantzaras, Greece, PokerStars qualifier, 1,081,000

Players aren’t back in their seats as yet and there’s still final table photos and so on to be taken care of, play won’t be starting again just yet.

eureka croatia_day 3_chips.jpg

Get all these, win the tournament

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000-12,000 ante 1,000

3.15pm: Andreas Leledakis eliminated in ninth place (€4,400)
It folded to Carsten Luxig in the cut-off and he raised to 23,000 and then from the big blind Andreas Leledakis moved all-in for 153,000 total, Luxig then tanked for three minutes (during which time the blinds went up) before eventually making the call and showing A♣J♦.

The was a moment of confusion as Leladakis pushed his cards face down towards the muck, thinking that Luxig had folded but the German said: “No I called it,” and Leladakis flipped Q♠10♠. The board of 7♣8♠7♥2♥5♥ scoop the pot.

They’ll now be a short 20 minute break before the final table commences.

eureka croatia_day 3_andreas leledakis.jpg

Andreas Leledakis – out in ninth

3.05pm: Not scared to play
Despite the presence of a short stacked Marko Milkovic the other players aren’t just folding their way to the final eight.

Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez raised to 22,000 and called another 28,000 after Vasileios Chantzaras three-bet to 50,000 from the small blind. On the K♠Q♠3♦ flop the Greek led for 62,000 but folded when Lopez raised to 250,000 total.

2.55pm: Play back underway
Players are back in their seats here they are in seat order after the re-draw to one table, the chip counts are rough guesstimates, 100% accurate chip counts will be done when we lose one more player.

Zvonko Petrovic, Croatia, 436,000
Carsten Luxig, Germany, 390,000
Michael Lundquist, Denmark, 300,000
Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez, Spain, 500,000
Andreas Leledakis, Greece, PokerStars qualifier, 180,000
Marko Milkovic, Croatia, 70,000
Matej Marinovic, Croatia, 240,000
Richard Bodis, Hungary, 500,000
Vasileios Chantzaras, Greece, PokerStars qualifier, 1,310,000

2.40pm: Pavao Vujnovac eliminated in 10th place (€2,950)
From the small blind Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez opened to 22,000 with A♦K♠, Pavao Vujnovac shoved all-in for 140,000 with Q♠J♣ and Lopez made the call.

A board of 2♠K♦9♦Q♣4♥ kept Lopez in front and we’re down to nine players. There’s a short delay whilst the nine players re-draw to one table, with the elimination of one more player the official final table of eight will be set.

eureka croatia_day 3_pavao vujnovac .jpg

Pavao Vujnovac

2.35pm: The rise of Zvonko Petrovic
The Croat came back as the shortest stack today with just 68,000 but has doubled up three times already and now has around 436,000.

All three times he’s doubled through Vasileios Chantzaras, firstly with [K][8] against [A][J] blind on blind, then with pocket eights against pocket sixes and again just now with another dominating pair, queens holding against sevens.

It’s a family affair when it comes to poker for the Petrovic’s both his son and daughter work in this casino as dealers.

2.26pm: Marko Gasparovic eliminated in 10th place (€2,950)
And the rich get richer, as the chip leader claims another scalp.

Vasileios Chantzaras opened to 22,000, Gasparovic three-bet to 55,000, Chantzaras shoved for an effective 300,000 and Gasparovic tank called.

Gasparovic: J♥J♣
Chantzaras: Q♠Q♣

A veritable cooler considering play is five handed. The board ran 10♦Q♦2♥K♣K♦ and Chantzaras continues to decimate the field as he climbs to 1,500,000.

eureka croatia_day 2_marko gasparovic.jpg

Gasparovic – out in 11th place

2.21pm: Still to play for
Here’s a reminder of what’s still up for grabs here today:

1. €47,298
2. €30,150
3. €16,950
4. €13,300
5. €11,000
6. €9,150
7. €7,350
8. €5,850
9. €4,400
10-11. €2,950

2.18pm: A couple of all-ins get through
On table one Andreas Leledakis shoved all-in for 134,000 after Vasileios Chantzaras had opened to 22,000 but the chip leader passed.

On table two Matej Marinovic opened to 23,000 on the buttonJose Carlos Fibla Lopez three-bet to 55,000 but then passed to Marinovic’s all-in bet of 203,000.

2.10pm: Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez doubles up
The Spaniard shoved for 204,000 with A♣Q♠ after Carsten Luxig had opened to 23,000 the latter calling the extra with pocket jacks.

The board ran 3♦Q♥4♠4♥4♣ and after the hand Luxig slips to just over 300,000.

2.05pm: Cards are in the air
We’ve relocated from the Beethoven suite to the confines of the Golden Sun casino for the final day and cards are in the air.

1.40pm: Final day set to start
Welcome back to the third and final day of action of Eureka Croatia. Ten levels of play couldn’t quite get us to the final table yesterday so 11 players will return today at 2pm.

They’re led (by some distance) by Greek PokerStars qualifier Vasileios Chantzaras who bagged up a mammoth 1,251,000. To put that in perspective his nearest challenger, Richard Bodis, has a ‘paltry’ 530,000.

There’s been a re-draw overnight here’s how the two remaining tables stack up:

Table One

Zvonko Petrovic, Croatia, 68,000
Andreas Leledakis, Greece, PokerStars Qualifier, 188,000
Marko Gasparovic, Croatia, 312,000
Richard Bodis, Hungary, 530,000
Michael Lundquist, Denmark, 228,000
Vasileios Chantzaras, Greece, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,251,000

Table Two

Pavao Vujnovac, Croatia, 241,000
Marko Milkovic , Croatia, 154,000
Carsten Luxig , Germany, 511,000
Matej Marinovic, Croatia, 205,000
Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez Spain, 151,000

Everyone still in is guaranteed €2,950, the winner of Eureka Croatia will take home €47,298.

eureka croatia_day 3_vasileios chantzaras.jpg

Vasileios Chantzaras has nearly a third of the chips in play

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Croatia: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Manuel Kovsca


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