Eureka Hamburg Main Event Day 1C: Noll tops penultimate flight

May 27, 2015

Day 1C of the Eureka Main Event played out today over another 12 40-minute levels. After some no-shows from players the final number for today rested at 163. A total of 42 remain with Marco Noll leading the way on 305,200. After three starting days of play, Noll is the current overall chip leader


Marco Noll is the current overall leader
Here some other counts from today:

Patrick Renkers – 300,200
Amir Pahlawani – 298,000
Nils Mallon – 254,000
Anton Morgenstern – 178,000
Bartosz Piesiwicz – 159,800
Alexander Lemme – 152,000
Joan Mihai Taisz – 141,000
Johannes Holstege – 121,800
Nils Maibaum – 110,900
Artem Lobus – 106,800
Malte Mönnig – 85,000
Moritz Kranich 62,200
Full Day 1C chip counts.

Former EPT Snowfest champion fell right at the death. He was down to 33,500 when he open shoved from the button with A♣5♦. Bartosz Piesiwicz was in the small blind, called with 8♠8♦ and went on to make a flush on the Q♠A♠10♠9♥3♠ board. No luck this week for Danish pro’s first venture into the live arena for many years. Don’t worry for him though, he’s still crushing online on PokerStars.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Allan Baekke.jpg

Allan Baekke
Jamila von Perger aslo failed to make it through the day after a cooler late on cost her dear. She was on 37,000 when she committed her stack on the turn of a [A][K][J][2] board with pocket deuces. The flop had been checked through and her sneaky opponent called the shove and opened [Q][T] for a flopped straight. The river failed to pair.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Jamila Von Perger.jpg

Jamila Von Perger
They lasted a lot longer than Eureka4 Vienna champion Zoltan Gal. Denys Drobyna and he battled in two big hands mid-way through the afternoon. First up, Gal managed to double up when his pocket jacks stayed ahead of Drobyna’s A♥K♥. The latter didn’t have to wait long before he came back for those chips though. The two players took a Q♣Q♦5♦ flop where some chips went in before the rest went in on the 4♥ turn. Gal opened K♣Q♥ but was crushed by his Ukranian opponent’s A♣Q♠. Gal was left with 5,000 and busted soon after.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Zoltán Gál.jpg

Zoltan Gal
Those who joined them on the rail today included: Volker Karras, Sergej Barbarez, Stefan Kolosov, Abbas Saroughiye, Dimitrij Shteynfaer, Oliver Baude, Karsten Wolff, Krzysztof Kubejko, Wilhelm Klahn, Olga Yakovenko, Andre Siebert, Julian Märgner, Michael Ehrke, Pascal Scheipenpeter, Roman Glöck, Johann Roesnick, Benjamin Bauer, Antonio Karman and Ali Ayboz.

The final flight will take place tomorrow from 1pm CET. It promises to be the busiest and most stacked day seen so far so make sure you join us back here then.

Also, congratulations to Tobias Peters who was crowned the High Roller champion today. Read all about how he won in our report, here.

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