Eureka Poker Tour Bulgaria: Greenberg wins – leads from wire to wire

June 26, 2011


When the 16 remaining players returned today they were all looking up with chip envy at one man, Idan Greenberg from Israel. Ultimately no one could catch him as the ‘Green Machine’ steamrolled his way to the Eureka Bulgaria title and its hefty €55,145 first prize.

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 3_idan greenberg7.jpg

Eureka Bulgaria champion Idan Greenberg

Greenberg had seized the lead with 35 players left on Day 2 and come the start of the final table the Israeli held that lead still. In fact such was his dominance he only briefly relinquished the top spot after reaching the three-and-a-half hour heads-up battle against Milan Rakic.

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 3_idan greenberg7.jpg

Greenberg celebrates his win

The Serbian had come to the final table fourth in chips through a combination of solid play and getting paid when he had premium hands – always a winning combination. And it continued at the final table where he eliminated Popescu Gabriel Petrica in sixth when his pocket aces held up against Petrica’s flopped flush draw. The Serbian also took care of Georgi Harasimov in fourth place when his A♠J♠ out raced the last remaining Bulgarian’s pocket sevens.

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 3_milan rakic5.jpg

Runner-up Milan Rakic

In fact such was the top two’s stranglehold on the final table that they eliminated all of the other six between them, with Greenberg knocking out Christin Penchev (8th), Pitic Radu (7th), Stefan Cicua (5th) and Erol Erfurt (3rd).

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 3_final table2.jpg

The elite eight in Bulgaria

Final table results
1st. Idan Greenberg, Israel, €55,145
2nd. Milan Rakic, Serbia, €34,900

3rd. Erol Erfurt, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, €34,900
4th. Georgi Harasimov, Bulgaria, €15,150
5th. Stefan Ciuca, Romania, €12,000
6th. Popescu Gabriel Petrica, Romania, PokerStars qualifier, €9,800
7th. Pitic Radu, Romania, €7,850
8th. Christian Penchev, Bulgaria, €6,200

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 3_erol erfurt4.jpg

PokerStars qualifier Erol Erfurt banked €34,900

But today was not all about the final table as a total of 16 players returned at the start of the day. Among the players who just failed to reach the final table were: Igor Golubovic (9th), Neil Rawnsley (12th) and Vilian Petleshkov (16th).

9th. Igor Golubovic, Denmark, PokerStars qualifier, €4,600
10th. Miroslav Rizov, Bulgaria, €3,050
11th. Iani Tulica, Romania, €3,050
12th. Neil Rawnsley, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, €3,050
13th. Hakan Ferdi Chorabai, Romania, €2,750
14th. Petru-Ernest Moraru, Romania, €2,750
15th. Adrian Codila, Romania, €2,750
16th. Vilian Petleshkov, Bulgaria, €2,400

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 3_igor golubovic2.jpg

Igor Golubovic just missed the official final table

To catch up on all today’s action and to see who cashed for what simply click on the links below. The tour moves on to the Golden Sun Casino Zagreb, Croatia. The main event takes place 24-27 August. Satellites are set to start this week on

Levels 20-23
Levels 24-28
Prizewinners and payouts

Until then, it’s goodbye from the Grand International Casino in Bulgaria.

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The Grand International Casino

All photos must be credited to Tomas Stacha.


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