Eureka4 Prague: A round with Eugene Katchalov (as a passive observer)

December 08, 2014

Usually there’s always time for “a round of…” with a Team PokerStars Pro and today was no different as Eugene Katchalov was the chosen victim man, he started the round on the button with 24,000. The table began as follows:

Seat 1: Pablo Fernandez
Seat 2: Sin Melin
Seat 3: Daniel Silberstein
Seat 4: Frans Van Staalduinen
Seat 5: Eugene Katchalov, Team PokerStars Pro
Seat 6: Markus Cerny
Seat 7: Andreas Gabriel
Seat 8:
Seat 9: Georges Barakat
Seat 10: Tobias Garp

Team PokerStars Eugene Katchalov not playing a hand

Hand 1:
Sin Melin opened to 850 preflop before Frans van Staalduinen made it 2,050 in the cutoff. Eugene Katchalov looked unconcerned and folded. Markus Cerny cold four-bet to 4,900 from the small blind. Melin moved all in and van Staalduinen and Cerny both quickly folded.

Hand 2:
Sin Melin opened to 850 and called by Andreas Gabriel and Georges Barakat in the blinds. All three checked the 6♣J♦7♣ flop before Gabriel won the pot after leading for 1,125 on the 4♥ turn.

Hand 3:
Pablo Fernandez raised to 800 preflop before Markus Cerny made it 2,100 in the cutoff. Fernandez made the call to see a 6♥6♣3♦ flop. Fernandez checked and Cerny bet 2,800. The Spaniard check-raised to about 12,000 and Cerny quickly put the rest of his chips in with Fernandez calling off.

Fernandez: 5♠4♠
Cerny: A♥A♣

The 3♣ on the turn changed nothing but the 7♦ made a straight to knock Cerny out.

Hand 4:
Sin Melin opened to 850 from under-the-gun and Pablo Fernandez called in the big blind but the latter quickly folded to a 1,025 bet on the Q♠10♦4♠ flop.

Hand 5:
Tobias Garp opened to 800 from the button and was called by Pablo Fernandez in the small blind and Sin Melin in the big blind. The 9♣3♣8♣ flop was checked to Garp who bet 1,300, Fernandez folded but Melin made the call. Both players checked the Q♦ turn and Melin led for 2,700 on the 6♦ river. Garp made the call but mucked when Melin showed J♥10♠

Hand 6:
A new player joined the table in seat 8. Pablo Fernandez opened to 800 on the button and Sin Melin called in the small blind. Both players checked the K♥2♥4♦ flop before Melin check-called a 1,000 bet on the 2♦ turn. They both then checked the 10♥ river, Melin showed 4♦3♠ but Fernandez won the pot with 9♥9♠.

Hand 7:
Sabina Hiatullah joined in seat 6 next to Eugene Katchalov. The player in seat 8 opened to 800 before Tobias Garp made it 1,900 behind him. The original raiser called then called a 2,000 bet on the 9♠3♥8♠ flop before folding to Garp’s 3,300 bet on the 3♦ turn.

Katchalov’s chips did not move much in the round

Hand 8:
Daniel Silberstein moved all in from the button and Frans van Staalduinen called in the small blind.

Silberstein: K♣2♦
van Staalduinen: A♥J♦

The board came 3♦8♠3♥6♦9♦ and Silberstein was eliminated.

Hand 9:
Sin Melin opened to 800 but folded when Frans van Staalduinen made it 2,200.

So Eugene Katchalov chose to play err… no hands in that round finishing with 22,000. It was however, very interesting to watch him take a very different approach to most of the more active players on the table, perhaps presuming that no-one is going to fold against him.

Tournament Update:

– Level 5 (300/600/75)
– Still waiting for a final confirmation on numbers today, 1,250 is the most accurate current number
– Recent eliminations include: Russell Thomas, Tom Middleton, Sotirios Koutoupas, Zimnan Ziyard, Martin Finger, Ludovic Geilich, Max Lykov, Jannick Wrang, Robin Ylitalo, Kitty Kuo, Harrison Gimbel and Anton Wigg.


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