Eureka4 Prague: Finding a needle in the haystack

December 08, 2014

If I said that nearly half the field has already been eliminated, that would sound impressive, however nearly 700 players still remain with three hours left in the day. To paraphrase Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, “Finding a chip leader is like finding a needle in a haystack.” It’s all made doubly problematic by the fact that with so many players left, a single hand could easily change everything and instantly render this post obsolete.

PokerStars qualifier Bernd Vogelhuber, the chip leader, at least at the moment…

With that all being said, I can categorically state, with complete confidence, and no caveats whatsoever, that at this moment right now, the chip leader is PokerStars qualifier Bernd Vogelhuber with 145,000. Vogelhuber finished 5th at Eureka2 Prague for €31,700 when there was only a measly 652 runners. Most recently he finished 15th in a side event at EPT Barelona for €6,550. Other big stacks include PokerStars qualifier Logi Laxdal (115,000) and PokerStars player David Andersson (105,000).

PokerStars qualifier Logi Laxdal is currently in second place

The final number of players has been announced as 1,263 for today giving a total of 1,738 which is 306 more than the previous biggest number in Vienna and 423 more than this event last year. Perhaps the most telling statistic is that in Season 3 of Eureka, there were 2,426 players on four different stops. This year were only three stops but 3,662 players – an increase of 1,236 players.

Tournament Update:

– Level 9: 500/1,000 (100)
– 670 players remain
– Latest exits includes Steve Watts, Jason Wheeler, Marvin Rettenmaier, Chris Brammer and Marko Neumann


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