Eureka4 Prague: Jostling for position

December 08, 2014

Level 10, the final level, is just beginning as this record-breaking day heads towards its’ climax. Tables and players are being dispensed with quicker than robots in a Michael Bay film. There are around 490 players left out of the initial 1,263 and the task of finding a chip leader at this point is a fairly daunting one.

The EPT Prague Festival. Barely a table free all day.

Bjoern Nyman (180,000), and Bernd Vogelhuber, (180,000) look to be among the leaders, if not actually leading. Logi Laxdal, (171,000), Petr Bulir, (145,000) and Oliver Huber, (130,000) are the other big stacks that have been spotted among the hundreds that remain.

Richard Pfeffer (130,000) is also doing well. First he raised Joseph Houayek’s 6,000 bet into a 24,000 pot to 40,000 with the board reading 8♣K♣4♦8♥Q♠. Houayek had the clock called on him and eventually folded only for Pfeffer to show 3♣3♥. Bakalo also just knocked out two more players with Q♠Q♣ on a 9♠2♣K♠4♦7♣ board, the short stacks having sixes and nine-eight respectively.

Team PokerStars Pro is represented by the lone presence of Eugene Katchalov, the Ukrainian player is quietly going along with his business, he has about 60,000 at this point. Whether he’ll also be interested in playing the Super High Roller tomorrow still remains to be seen.

Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov continues to navigate the record field

Over in the Super-High Roller satellite, there were a total of 50 entries making four seats for tomorrow’s €50,000 event as well as €42,500 for 5th place. Among the five players playing out for a seat were Brynn Kenney, Mustapha Kanit and Juha Helppi. Remember, you can follow all the action about that event here on the PokerStars Blog at 12.15pm CET.

Tournament Update:

– 490 players left from an initial 1,263
– Level 10: 600/1,200 (200)
– Recent eliminations include Shyam Srinivasan, Sofia Lovgren, Thomas Butzhammer and Kevin Killeen


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