Eureka5 Hamburg Main Event: Second Royal Flush of the week

May 27, 2015

The tournament has rolled into the fourth level of the day and the clock says that 151 players have registered so far. Denys Drobyna has sat down next to Zoltan Gal and former EPT Deauville champ Mortiz Kranich is back to try his luck again after busting on Day 1 of the High Roller.

It is very doubtful that Ilja Tardijn, from the Netherlands, woke up in his bed this morning thinking he was going to hit a 1 in 43,316 hand. Well, he did just that when he made a Royal Flush on the river to eliminate the first player of the day, the extremely unlucky Grzegorz Tryba.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Ilja Tardinj.jpg

Ilja Tardinj chilling after his Royal Flush
Tryba was down to fewer than half of his starting stack when he and Tardijin engaged in a preflop raising war that resulted in an all in showdown.

Tryba: A♠K♠
Tardijin: A♣K♣

The board ran 2♠Q♣10♣6♥J♣!

“Whoa, Royal Flush!” shouted one on their tablemates. Tryba took the defeat very well and Tardijin confirmed it was the first time he had made the hand in a live tournament. That was actually the second Royal Flush witnessed this week. Our photographer, Tomas Sacha, captured one in a satellite a couple of days ago:


Royal flush from one of the satellites
Before the end of the third level, four more players joined him: Og Bo Kjaer Erichsen and Arndt Brinkmann both suffered early exit holding ace-queen; Christian Glibmann and Andreas Bolling busted in unknown action.

Erichsen was felled by High Roller Day 1 chips leader Abbas Pahlewani. The latter flopped two pair with ten-jack but the chips went in when an ace appeared on the turn. The river was blank and Erichsen left as a giddy Pahlewani basked in his own glory. Brinkmann was down to 2,000 when he moved all in but he was unlucky to run into Marco Leopizzi.

Eureka5_Hamburg_HR_Abbas Pahlevani.jpg

Pahlevani in the High Roller
Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
– Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
– Blinds start at 25/50
– Twelve 45-minute levels make up Day 1C
– Day 1C up to 151 entrants


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