Eureka5 Rozvadov: Czerwinski likes a Challenge

February 26, 2015

Eureka Rozvadov is about more than just the Main Event with a lot of side events on offer to suit lots of budgets.

On of the most popular so far this week proved to be the €200 buy-in Eureka 100 Grand Challenge event. It attracted 494 entries and came to a conclusion last night, with Krzysztof Czerwinski taking home the title and €11,068. A deal was made five-handed before Czerwinski defeated former chip leader Peter Michael Splettstosser heads-up.

Eureka5_Rozvadov_Krzysztof Czerwinski.jpg

Czerwinski looking for a festival double

Czerwinski is playing the Main Event today and was slipping but got his stack going back in the right direction with some aggressive preflop play. His three-bet from the cutoff to 850 was cold four-bet by the small blind. He came back with a five-bet and that won him the pot to get back up to 15,000.

Defending champion Martin Meciar is sat one table along from Czerwinski, with just below starting stack. He seems to be staying out of big pots for now and has a relaxed, carefree demeanour about him. And why not? For now, he’s still the King’s king.

A huge preflop encounter occurred just one row along from where these two champs are sat and involved Giuliano Ruggieri, Dimitios Kalaroutis and one other player.

Ruggieri had opened from early position before Kalaroutis three-bet from the next seat and the third party four-bet to 8,100 from the small blind. Ruggieri moved all for around 15,000 and Kalaroutis wasted little time in committing his 17,465. The small blind – who had them both covered by a few thousand – shrugged and made the call.

Ruggieri: A♠K♦
Kalaroutis: A♥A♦
Small blind: K♣K♠

The board ran out 4♠3♠6♣6♠10♥ to send Ruggieri home and gave Kalaroutis’ a near triple up.


Floppy hair day for Danzer

Notable stack watch:

Pius Heinz – 11,000
Natalie Hof – 31,000
Chris De Meulder – 32,000
George Danzer – 34,000
Mattias De Meulder – 25,000
Sam Grafton – 21,000.

Grafton was doing better but dropped back after leading out from the small blind on the river and calling a raise, before mucking. The board read 5♦7♣A♠10♣J♣ and Grafton was shown K♦Q♣ by Arvid Schröpfer after he made the call.

Still, he’s doing a whole lot better than Brian Horwitz, Hossein Ensan, Robert Wilke, Michael Hödl, Radoslaw Kopec, Roland Gerga, Marcel Schunter, Süleyman Erdar, Wolfgang Hösl, Daniel Nunny Rose, Giuseppe Cimelli, Giuliano Ruggieri and Björn-Ole Kerski, all of whom departed through levels three and four.

Eureka Rozvadov Key Facts:

– Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
– Blinds start at 25/50
– Eleven 45-minute levels make up Day 1B and play will finish around 12:10 AM
– Registration will close at 7pm.
– 404 players have registered for Day 1B so far
– Day 1C scheduled for 10pm


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