Eureka5 Rozvadov Day 2: Paleta leads final 28

February 27, 2015

Day 2 was certainly moving day today on the Eureka Poker Tour. The King’s Casino welcomed back 255 players and by the end of nine levels of play, just 28 remained. Lots of big names, Team Pros and a bubble boy made way throughout the day.

Some of them made way so Rastislav Paleta could rise to the summit with an impressive 1,194,000.

eureka5_rozvadov_5_Rastislav_Paleta.jpg .jpg

The man to catch

He heads a top five that looks like:

Rastislav Paleta – 1,194,000
Roman Blaha – 1,070,000
Langar Oghabian – 1,068,000
Marc Radgen – 1,039,000
Raphael Wimmer – 1,003,000

For the Day 3 seat draw and chip counts, click here.

Paleta was cruising along with an average stack until a crazy fives minutes, where he cracked aces twice, and saw him rocket into the lead. Firstly, his pair of kings bettered an opponent’s rockets, and then he did the same with K♥Q♥ by hitting running queens on the turn and river.

Paleta predicted he’d make two final tables this week and already has one under his after he made the final five players who made a deal in the 100 Grand Event a a couple of days ago. That earned him more that €10k and he’s in great shape to make true on his prediction.


Bubble trouble

The bubble burst at the beginning of level 17, just after the players had come back from an American-Italian themed buffet dinner break. Atik Miah may have cracked a few ribs over dinner but it was his resolve that broke once he was back at the table. He got his chips in with ace-jack versus the pocket eights of Adi Alkalay and looked good for a double up when a jack flopped, but an eight on the river sealed his penniless fate.


Meciar and Grafton (right)

At least he lasted longer than such luminaries as Sam Grafton, Erich Kollmann, Christian Schwenk, Adam Owen, Jose Quintas, Martin Mulsow, Tobias Peters, and Theodoros Aidonopoulos.

Notables who made the money but failed to progress to Day 3 included: Martin Kabrhel (38th), Team PokerStars Pro Christophe De Meulder (40th), Dag Palovic (43rd), Torsten Pischl (56th), Michal Polchlopek (66th), Petr Jelinek (86th) and defending champion Martin Meciar (90th). For all the payout information so far, click here.


De Meulder made a deep run

Once again, play will restart at 2pm CET tomorrow where play will continue until at least the official final table of eight has been reached. If the day goes particularly quickly (less than eight levels), a decision may be made to play onto six remaining, to ensure a balanced amount of time is played across the final two days.

For now, have a look at what everyone feasted on this evening at the American-Italian themed buffet!



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