Eureka5 Rozvadov: Some time with Grafton before his demise

February 27, 2015

Defending champion Martin Meciar busted Day 1B but managed to make it through via Day 1C, to keep his hope of a defence alive. His table broke and his new one had a certain Sam Grafton sat to his left, so it was decided an orbit with the Brit was in order.

He started under the gun with a stack around 120,000, up from the 42,300 he stared the day with.


Maciar (left) and Grafton

Hand 1. Grafton raised to 6,200 and was only called by Dimitios Kalaroutis on the button en route to a K♣7♥7♦ flop. Grafton check-called 5,800 before both players checked the A♣ turn. Grafton led for 35,000 on the 4♦ and his Greek opponent folded.

Hand 2. The action folded around to defending champion Meciar who completed. Grafton bumped it up to 10,000 and took the pot.

Hand 3. Kalaroutis raised to 6,000 from the hijack and Robert Schulz defended his big blind to see a 9♣J♠7♦ flop. The action was checked to the 5♦ turn where Schulz led for 9,500. Call. He bet another 22,000 on the 10♠ river and that was enough to get Kalaroutis to fold.

Hand 4. Kalaroutis stopped the rot with a raise to 6,000, taking the blinds and antes.

Hand 5. Grafton raised to 6,500 from the cutoff before Paul-Philipp Schulz moved all in for 19,400. Grafton slammed in the call saying, “You’re drawing dead!”

He opened K♦Q♦ and faced up against Schulz’s A♣A♥. “That’s got some chance,” continued Grafton.

The board ran K♠J♣5♠7♥3♦ to double up the German player. “That might be a first!” joked Grafton that king-queen actually lost.

Hand 5. Önder Resber open shoved for 45,000 from second position and won the blinds and antes.

Hand 6. Manuel Armindo Aurelio raised to 6,500 from the small blind and Kalaroutis peeled to head to the 8♠4♠Q♣ flop. The latter bet 7,200 when checked to him but folded after Aurelio raised all in for 58,200.

Hand 7. Robert Schulz raised to 6,000 from mid position and Resber called from the big blind before the two headed to an 8♦2♠5♥ flop. Schulz bet 7,000 here and 12,500 on the K♦ turn, where Resber backed out.


Grafton a short while before busting

All in all it was a profitable orbit for Grafton as his stack rose to 138,000. That was as good as it got for him though as his day took a dramatic downturn. His stack dipped to around 70,000 when he found a spot to go all in with ace-three. Unfortunately, news reached us that he was called by two opponents, one holding kings and one ace-seven. The player with ace-seven made a flush and sent Grafton back to his room where a grind session awaits. Not poker but House of Cards Season 3. Meciar ended the orbit with an above average 160,000.

Those doing significantly better than Grafton include:

Langar Oghabian – 465,000
Marek Blasko -390,000
Stefan Raab – 380,000
Michal Starzec – 370,000
Georgios Tzimas – 330,000

eureka5_rozvadov_Langar_Oghabian.jpg .jpg

Oghabian still leading the way

All these players are available to watch House of Cards with Grafton:

Michael Tabarelli, Francesco Polito, Fabian Schaack, Rene Kodlin, Ronny Voth, Jan Krejčí,, Christian Gross, Lauren Schumacher, Antonio Simari, Manuel Mutke, Richard Gerhardt, Markus Grabher, Adam Owen, Maurice Emanuel Schepp, Thorsten Fleischhut, Marius Pospiech, Eugen Fritzler, Andriy Palyuga, Florian Bußmann, Yuri Kaganovich, Emil Wydra, Niko Wieland, Florian Fangmann, Andrzej Zakrzewski, Franz Alexander George, Kemal Arslan, Ricardo Pazulla, Marco Nieckarz, Robert Lenz and Ismail Kalkan.


No second title in two weeks for Pospiech

Eureka Rozvadov Key Facts:
– Players began with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
– 255 players started Day 2
– Nine one-hour levels make up Day 2 and play will finish around 1am
– 95 players will make the money and earn at least @2k
– Total number of entries was a record 664


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