The Winter Series $530 Main Event had 3.864 entries and gave away over $1.9 million. With prize jumps worth tens of thousands of dollars, the action started off slow and steady, built to an unnerving tension, and then popped with a flurry of double-ups and all-ins.

Let’s take a look at the highlights from the final table.

Blind level: 200,000/400,000
Final table stacks:
Pendall – $51,477,392
Freshmannn – $37,440,327
l_conor_b_1 – $23,043,230
FlyingSmile – $22,111,898
sp3eedy14 – $15,586,280
blanconegro – $15,058,120
botteonpoker – $11,285,400
sd5355470 – $8,933,528
M4GPI3 – $7,813,825

The final table started with ‘Pendall’ holding a commanding chip lead of around 120bb. ‘Freshmannn’ was second with around 100bb, whilst the rest of the pack hovered around 25bb to 50bb stacks.

The action started off with a raise from ‘botteonpoker’ holding 9(s) 9(d), but the rest of the table folds. The very next hand, long term pro and WCOOP champ ‘FlyingSmile’ raises Q(c) Q(s) under-the-gun. Holding K(c) K(h), ‘Freshmannn’ puts in the re-raise and ‘FlyingSmile’ responds with a shove.

It’s an unavoidable showdown! ‘Freshmannn’ holds with Kings to bust ‘FlyingSmile’ and take chip lead.

Next to go was ‘sd5355470’, who made a standard short stack shove with A(h) T(s). quickly called by ‘Pendall’, who’s pocket Jacks held up.

There wasn’t too much action in between, with players generally holding tight for the huge pay jumps. Hearts must have been racing at this point!

Another bust was soon to follow. Two time WCOOP champion Conor ‘blanconegro’ Drinan was looking down at A(h) 7(h) in the small blind. He made the shove with 18bb behind, but was quickly snapped off by ‘Freshmannn’ – an easy call with 8(s) 8(c).

Sunday Million winner and SCOOP champion Conor ‘1_conor_b_1’ Beresford attempted a bit of fancy play, check-raising a low flop with Queen high. Unfortunately the move was mistimed – they were never never going to get ‘M4GPI3’ off pocket Queens.

Aside from that, nobody else wanted to get too brave, so ‘Pendall’ continued to make small raises and c-bets to take control of the table. With a slow structure, the blinds were yet to put any serious pressure on even the shorter stacks.

‘botteompoker’ ramped up the action with a quick succession of double-ups, first with Q(s) K(h) against ‘Freemannn’’s 8(c) 8(d), and then again with Q(d) Q(h) against ‘Freemannn’’s J(h) J(c).

‘botteonpoker’ recently won the $500k High Roller PKO event, and it looked like this was shaping up to be another big night.

After a few more minutes of small raises and folds, ‘botteompoker’ struck again, this time in a hand that could have really gone the other way. ‘sp3edy14’ flopped a straight and ‘botteompoker’ had a set, but ‘botteompoker’ went on to river a runner-runner full house. Ouch!

Soon after, ‘botteompoker’ flopped two pair against ‘1_conor_b_1’, who was holding top pair. Three barrels was all it took, and ‘1_conor_b_1’ become next to leave the table, taking with them $50,841. ‘sp3edy14’ dwindled away their remaining stack and finished in fifth place for $71,323.

Out of 3,864 entries, only four were left. Each would be walking away with at least $100k. That’s a nice pay day!

At this point, the final table of the Main Event was starting to take shape. ‘Pendall’ and ‘botteonpoker’ were now clear chip leaders, whilst ‘M4GPI3’ and ‘Freshmannn’ had around 30bb.

recent winner of the $500k guaranteed High Roller Club tournament.

It could all have been over when the two big stacks were dealt K(c) K(h) and A(s) A(d). It seemed like a huge clash was inevitable, but somehow ‘Pendall’ managed to control the pot size with Kings, taking a devastating blow but walking away with a short stack left to play. ‘botteonpoker’ had taken a big lead.

Though ‘Freshmannn’’s stack had been up and down like a yo-yo throughout the final table, it was becoming apparent that they had to make a move. The moment came with a button raise-call with K(c) Q(h). ‘Pendall’’s A(s) Q(d) held and ‘Freshmannn’ came fourth place.

With only three players left, ‘M4GPI3’ suggests a deal, but with no response from the others the game continues.

Chips pretty much evened out after a bit of back and forth, with small raises and c-bets mostly defining the action, but with players chucking in the occasional testing pre-flop bluff.

‘M4GPI3’ gained a temporary chip lead when they won a significant pot with a set of 8s against ‘botteonpoker’, who had K(c) 6(c) and a flopped top pair. ‘Pendall’ quickly worked their lead back, before taking another chunk out of ‘botteonpoker’ with a higher flush.

The play got more creative 3-handed. Players loosened up hand ranges and played aggressive and occasionally heads-scratching moves. At one point, ‘M4GPI3’ and ‘Pendall’ got into an air-balling battle that resulted in ‘Pendall’ four betting with Queen high to take down a huge pot.

The action couldn’t continue forever. Something had to give. It was ‘M4GPI3’ who felt the pressure of the blinds, getting the remainder of their 7bb stack in the middle with K(d) T(s) against ‘botteonpoker’’s A(s) T(c).

‘botteonpoker’ held, and then there were two. But not for long…

The pair immediately struck up a deal heads-up, taking a minimum of $224k each and playing for a more humble $24k prize difference.

Right away the pressure was off. A few hands later, ‘Pendall’ hit a hidden straight and busted ‘botteonpoker’ to win the tournament. A spectacular result for both players!

Congratulations to all final tablists in the Winter Series Main Events.


Winter Series Event #78-M ($530 Main Event)
3,864 (2,777 entries + 1,087 re-entries)
Total prize pool: $1,932,000
Places paid: 479

Final table results:
Pendall – $248,835
botteonpoker – $224,306
M4GPI3 – $140,362
Freshmannn – $100,000
sp3edy14 – $71,323,06
1_conor_b_1 – $50,841
blanconegro – $36,241
sd5355470 – $25,834
Flying Smile – $18,415


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