There are lots of ways to make a million dollars.

If you’re old-fashioned you can inherit hundreds of millions and collect a day’s worth of interest.

You could go new-school and become a superstar athlete, earning it as part of your first pro contract.

Or you could be like Hungary’s “sejdeamiota.” On Sunday sejdeamiota put up $100, played 33 hands of poker in a Spin & Go, and came out ahead of two other players to earn $1 million.

How the Spin was won

It was 11:09 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday evening when sejdeamiota sat down to play a $100 Spin & Go with two other players, zx_trainee_z from Norway and MiracleQ from Russia.

The Spin & Go lobby

The three watched as the prize pool multiplier wheel spun and landed on a 1 in 1,000,000 shot: 12,000X. Now two players were guaranteed to walk away with $100,000 — a thousand times their initial buy-in — just for playing. The third, of course, would take home a million dollars.

zx_trainee_x enjoyed the best fortune early on, picking up pots both through aggression and at showdown and climbing as high as 720 chips from the 500-chip starting stack. Then, on the ninth hand of the tournament, zx_trainee_x made top pair with K♦10♣ on the river of a Q♦6♥9♣3♠K♥ board and moved all-in. MiracleQ snap-called with Q♠Q♥ for a slow-played set of queens, though, and took over the lead with 705 chips.

The same two players clashed twice more in the next four hands. First zx_trainee_x ended up all-in before the flop with A♠9♦, only to find that MiracleQ also had A♦9♠. Two hands later zx_trainee_x min-raised from the small blind with Q♠10♠, then led out with top pair and called all-in when MiracleQ raised on the 9♣10♦6♦ flop.

MiracleQ’s J♦10♥ was outkicked at that point but the J♥ turn gave the Russian player the lead. The 4♦ river didn’t alter the situation any further, eliminating zx_trainee_x in third place for $100,000.

From three to two

MiracleQ had 1,150 chips to sejdeamiota’s 350 as heads-up play began, and blinds were 20/40 so sejdeamiota didn’t have much time to work with. MiracleQ kept up the pressure but soon ran Q♦6♠ into sejdeamiota’s Q♣9♠, giving the Hungarian a double-up to 540.

Neither competitor’s strategy changed from there, and by Hand #22 sejdeamiota was back down to 379 chips. Then MiracleQ limped on the button, giving sejdeamiota a free J♣4♦2♦ flop — with J♠4♥ in the hole. MiracleQ had J♥5♠ so the two got their chips in there, and sejdemiota’s two pair held up to even out the stacks: 758 for sejdeamiota, 742 for MiracleQ.

The next two minutes were a blur. They played 11 hands in that short amount of time, and most of the pots went to sejdeamiota without a fight. He raised all-in with K♦9♠ after MiracleQ limped in on the button, but there was no call awaiting. He open-shoved with A♥A♣ and got no action. Same with A♥Q♠. And the same with 4♣4♦.

Finally sejdeamiota was dealt 4♠4♥ and opened all-in. MiracleQ called for 322 chips with J♦9♣ and missed a gutshot draw as the board came 7♥10♦2♥7♦6♣.

After just 11 minutes of poker, MiracleQ walked with $100,000 for second place and sejdeamiota became the latest PokerStars player to win a Spin & Go for a million dollars.

That’s how a player from Hungary turned $100 into $1 million in just 11 minutes. For your own shot at huge money, get in the Spin & Go action today!


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