We know you guys and gals are very generous when it comes to charity and giving something back. You’ve proved that most recently when Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines and your donations helped hundreds of thousands of people fighting for survival.

We want you to be able to give back when you want, not just when we ask you to help. You now have the option to turn your FPPs into charitable donations for CARE (our international disaster relief partner) and Cancer Research UK (the world leading cancer research charity). Each 1,200 FPPs will buy you $20 that you can donate to one of these very worthy causes. We hope to expand the list, but these are our partners for this pilot.

You can exchange your FPPs in the VIP Store through the client or direct to the VIP Store charity donation page here.


Helping Hands is Rational Group’s corporate giving programme

Whether it’s a celebratory donation after a good session or a shot at getting some karmic ‘run good’ ahead of the Sunday Million, we know that the charities and the people that they help will really appreciate it.

Sue Hammett is Rational Group’s Head of Corporate Giving. Find out more about Helping Hands here.


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