101 events. Eight days. Buy-ins starting at $1.10, and guarantees totaling more than $2.6 million! Where to start with MicroMillions 17?

There will be some players wanting to play as many events as possible, perhaps even all of them. Most will be more selective, we imagine. And given how most days during the April 19-26 schedule feature as many as 13 different events, there are lots of choices for tournament players looking to turn a little into a lot.

You can click here to peruse the entire 101-event schedule. Meanwhile, we’ve picked out a few highlights below — day-by-day — that might stand out as “must play” tournaments for many.

Sunday, April 19
Event No. 3 (14:00 ET), Sunday Storm Special Edition

MicroMillions begins on a Sunday and ends on a Sunday, and a big “Storm” is in the forecast on both days. MicroMillions 03: $5.50 NLHE (Progressive KO), here dubbed the “Sunday Storm Special Edition,” will be a doozy with its $250,000 guaranteed prize pool ensuring a huge field and big prizes. That’s the largest guarantee of any tournament on the schedule except one — the $1M guaranteed Main Event (see below, the last Sunday).

Other April 19 highlights:

  • MicroMillions 04 (14:30 ET) – $3.30 PL Omaha (6-Max, Progressive KO), $20K Gtd.
  • MicroMillions 07 (19:00 ET) – $5.50 6-Plus Hold’em (6-Max, Turbo), $10K Gtd.

Monday, April 20
Event No. 16 (13:00 ET), $3.30 NLHE, $50K Gtd.

There are 13 events scheduled for Monday — indeed, most days feature that many. Of those MicroMillions 16: $3.30 NLHE (Progressive KO) has the largest guaranteed prize pool of $50,000, making it an attractive choice, especially for those who enjoy the progressive knockout format. There’s a “Showtime Hold’em” event this day as well (all folded hands are shown face-up until the hand completes), and a H.O.R.S.E. event, too.

Other April 20 highlights:

  • MicroMillions 11 (8:30 ET)- $1.10 Showtime NLHE (6-Max), $3.5K Gtd.
  • MicroMillions 17 (14:30 ET) – $5.50 H.O.R.S.E., $10K Gtd.

Tuesday, April 21
Event No. 29 (13:00 ET), $5.50 NLHE, $50K Gtd.

There’s a lot going on this day, including a Razz event, a PLO8 one, and a 5-Card Draw tournament mixed in among the NLHE fare. Be sure to mark down MicroMillions 29: $5.50 NLHE with a $50,000 guarantee as one to play. Also, check this out — somebody snuck an extra Event No. 101 onto the schedule — Badugi!

Other April 21 highlights:

  • MicroMillions 101 (11:15 ET) – $3.30 PL Badugi, $4K Gtd.
  • MicroMillions 31 (16:00 ET) – $1.10 NLHE (8-Max, Win the Button), $5K Gtd.

Wednesday, April 22
Event No. 42 (13:00 ET), $1.10+R NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, Splash), $35K Gtd.

Fans of fast action will want to mark down MicroMillions 42: $1.10+R NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, Splash) featuring a $35,000 guarantee (the largest gtd. prize pool on Wednesday). For the uninitiated, in a “Splash” tournament the levels increase at turbo speed, but the rebuy period goes on for a lengthy 90 minutes. And the rebuys are unlimited, so expect things to be wild and woolly for that first hour-and-a-half.

Other April 22 highlights:

  • MicroMillions 39 (9:30 ET) – $1.10 NLHE (Heads-Up, Hyper-Turbo, Prog. Total KO, Zoom), $7.5K Gtd.
  • MicroMillions 45 (17:30 ET) – $5.50 NLHE (8-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO), $25K Gtd.

Thursday, April 23
Event No. 55 (13:00 ET), $5.50 NLHE (Progressive KO), $75K Gtd.

Pointing you again toward the big guarantee on this Thursday, as MicroMillions 55: $5.50 NLHE (Progressive KO) sports a nifty $75,000 guarantee. Again, like most days, there’s a lot of fun non-hold’em available, too, including 5-Card NLO8, PLO, 2-7 Triple Draw, and a “Fusion” event in which you start with two hole cards (like hold’em) but if you stay in through the turn you end up with four hole cards (like Omaha).

Other April 23 highlights:

  • MicroMillions 51 (7:30 ET) – $5.50 NLHE (Turbo, Progressive KO), $30K Gtd.
  • MicroMillions 59 (19:00 ET) – $1.10 Fusion (6-Max), $1.5K Gtd.

Friday, April 24
Event No. 68 (13:00 ET), $3.30+R NLHE, $75K Gtd.

We’re picking MicroMillions 68: $3.30+R NLHE to play on this Friday, with the rebuy format and a big $75,000 guarantee both having attracted our attention. We’re eyeing a couple of $5.50 freezeouts for the afternoon as well, one NLHE and the other no-limit Omaha hi-lo.

Other April 24 highlights:

  • MicroMillions 69 (14:30 ET) – $5.50 NLO8 (6-Max, Progressive KO), $20K Gtd.
  • MicroMillions 70 (16:00 ET) – $5.50 NLHE (8-Max), $25K Gtd.

Saturday, April 25
Event No. 81 (13:00 ET), $5.50 NLHE (8-Max, Prog. KO), $75K Gtd.

The weekend finally comes back around, and you could do worse than to get it going with MicroMillions 81: $5.50 NLHE (8-Max, Progressive KO) featuring a $75,000 guarantee. Depending on our mood, we might work in a seven-card stud hi-lo event on Saturday night. That three-handed Zoom event also has our attention.

Other April 25 highlights:

  • MicroMillions 84 (17:30 ET) – $3.30 NLHE (3-Max, Turbo, Prog. KO, Zoom), $25K Gtd.
  • MicroMillions 85 (19:00 ET) – $5.50 Stud Hi-Lo, $4K Gtd.

Sunday, April 26
Event No. 94 (14:00 ET), $11 NLHE, Sunday Storm Special Edition, MAIN EVENT, $1M Gtd.

You have to love an $11 tournament with a $1M guarantee! That’s what you get with MicroMillions 94: $11 NLHE (Sunday Storm Special Edition, MAIN EVENT) and its $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool. That will be everyone’s focus this final day of MicroMillions 17, although there will be big progressive knockout events firing both before and after the Main.

Other April 26 highlights:

  • MicroMillions 91 (9:30 ET) – $3.30 NLHE (Progressive KO), $50K Gtd.
  • MicroMillions 97 (17:30 ET) – $3.30 NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO), $30K Gtd.

Best of luck to everyone playing MicroMillions 17, and select well — your starting hands and postflop moves, and the tournaments you play.

Images: “Coins” (adapted), public domain; “Money Cash” (adapted), CC BY 3.0.


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