How much would you need to win to play all night?

May 24, 2019inPoker

Here’s your chance to take part in some vaguely scientific poker research, and earn a $1.10 ticket in the process.

It’s about prize money, and how much of it you need.

Because there’s no other way to say this. Playing a SCOOP event can take some time.

Whether a tournament starts in your morning, or your evening, you’re likely to be up a while. Especially if you go deep. Even more so if you win it.

Unless you’re on the east coast of Canada, which is a kind of time zone sweet spot for anyone with dinner plans.

But for everyone else, it can be enough to think twice before buying-in. Or at the very least, ask yourself: Where do I need to be tomorrow?

Players with jobs for instance.

Which lead us to another question.

How much would you need to win to make staying up all night worth it?

How much prize money would make your shift tomorrow, on no sleep, tolerable? *

How much to take the edge off a day of meetings in the office?

How much to put a smile on your face even during the toughest of sleepless rush hour commutes?

In short, what’s your price?

Because if you can’t plan your SCOOP schedule forwards, maybe you can work it out backwards?

Which events offer you enough prize money to make no sleep worth it?

We expect the answers to vary quite a bit.

If, like an Eighties supermodel, you don’t get out of bed for less than a $500,000 guarantee, let us know.

If it only takes a min-cash to have you whistling to work, we want to hear about it.

Or, if it would take millions for you to skip your beauty sleep, speak now.

What’s your number?

Be honest. Don’t sell yourself short. But if your answer is in the billions perhaps think it over some more.

When we get all the answers, we’ll average them all out to determine the exact scientifically calculated amount. That’s the exact figure it takes, on average, to put aside fears of an all-nighter.

And while you’re at it, tell us the exact time you’d like your ideal tournament to start. Do that down to the minute as well.

To help with the thinking process we’re giving away $1.10 tickets to anyone who sends us their number, and time.

That’s enough for a satellite ticket to an event like the Sunday Million. That has a $1 million guarantee, which we’re guessing beats whatever number you have in mind right now.

To take part and earn a ticket, here’s what to do:

Figure out your number, down to the dollar. We only want the amount that would get you playing all night to win.

Then tell us exactly what time your ideal tournament would start. Down to the minute.

Then tweet your number and time to us at @PokerStarsBlog with your [Stars ID] and the #TimeIsMoney hashtag before Sunday 23:59 ET. We’ll credit the ticket to your account on Monday.

One entry only please. Entering twice would make you seem a bit indecisive.

Terms and conditions apply (which you can read here), with the tickets available only to dot com players.

*If your job involves operating heavy machinery, driving something, or performing surgery on people, please do not try this.



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