This Halloween learn how to make scare cards less terrifying

October 31, 2018

You might be familiar with scare cards, but they can be a tricky concept if you’re a new player. And they can spell trouble even for experienced players.

Knowing how to spot them, and be cautious is one thing. But knowing when to use them to your advantage is something else entirely.

Scare cards aren’t always something to be afraid of. You can actually use them to your advantage…

So, it’s time to put the frighteners on the other player. And none of this involves wearing a white sheet, or attaching a plastic knife that sticks out the side of your head.

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Five things you’ll learn:

• What are scare cards, with examples of hands that feature them.
• How you should play your hand when you encounter scare cards.
• The importance of factoring in your opponent’s range.
• When a scare card isn’t a scare card.
• And how to use scare cards to your own advantage (even when you might be terrified).

There’s also a challenge for you. A challenge to see if you can change the way you react the next time you see a scare card.

No more hiding under the bed. It’s time to leap out of a cupboard and scare the bejesus out of your opponent.

Join the discussion, by reading the Schools article.

In the meantime, enjoy Halloween.


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