I dub thee sirotkin, TPL winner

June 07, 2011


Another Sunday, bringing with it a new round of the Twitter Poker League, in which 618 players competed for a $116.17 first place prize. “sirotkin” of Russia was this week’s winner after a solid performance at the final table. All four of this week’s designated bounty players managed to play and each added a little something extra to the tables they were sat on. Each of them had the usual 300FPP rewards on their heads upon elimination, and here is how that all went down.

7 5 bounty 1.PNG

First of the bounty players to go was last week’s winner “lkkr hoor”, it’s hard to get your KQs in 4 ways and find it to be the worst hand – but at least he was drawing live. The board didn’t change anything for any of the players involved, and “almeex” scooped a huge pot early in the game with his pocket nines. Plus of course he received 300FPP on top of that pot, making it all the sweeter.

7 5 bounty 2.PNG

“abarcot” was the second bounty player to be eliminated. He left in 351st place when his open ended straight draw missed vs. the top pair of “yusbar”. The Q♣ on the turn meant that even if the straight had come it would have been a split pot, so “abarcot” was drawing to just the two last Queens in the deck on the river for his chance to win the pot and stave off an early exit.

7 5 bounty 3.PNG

Our third bounty player “tatasegio” was knocked out by “scorpion$35” when his A♣J♦ was unable to best A♠K♣. Another 300FPP was awarded to the victor of the hand and our bounty player left in 173rd place. Finally there was just one bounty player left in the tournament, everyone had their eyes on the prize that was on “orenhol”‘s head. He was crippled in the hand below vs. “PeacMaker1” where he lost the flip with pocket fives vs. the J♦10♦. A few hands later the two players clashed again and “PeacMaker1” finished the job, proving that he’s not quite as peaceful as his name suggests.

7 5 bounty 4.PNG

“orenhol” finished in 137th place and it wasn’t long after that, that we were on the second break with just 105 players left and 90 going to be paid. Long-time league regular and past winner “Danilo1012” (@RealDanilo1012) was the bubble boy this week finishing in 91st. Everyone else was now guaranteed at least $1.60 and 5 more points on the Twitter Poker League leaderboard.

Once in the money the focus of the game very swiftly becomes the final table. It makes sense, that’s where all the big money is and there are no more than 5 leaderboard points, until you reach 9th place or better. Just under two hours later we had the final nine. “KING VIETE” had a crushing lead as play started at the final table with over 300k in chips. “janodeo” was the first to leave the final table, he open shoved all-in preflop with J♠J♦ only to run into “Chapex” who held Aces. Though he didn’t need to “Chapex” hit Four-of-a-kind Aces, to drive the hand home on a board of 8♠A♠9♣ A♣ 3♥ – nice hand sir.
“Pusch71” Pusch-ed his last few chips in with K♦Q♠ from the cut-off and was called by “almeex” who held A♦K♠. No hope for the shorter stack on a board of 2♦10♣8♦ 8♠ 6♣ and he finished in ei8th place. “davieboi85” (@davieboi85) got a little lucky to eliminate “star729” in seventh place, when he isolated “star729″‘s shove with K♣Q♦. It was an interesting hand, the A♦3♣ took the lead on the flop A♥6♣10♦ and only improved on the turn 10♥, but the J♠ on the river changed everything, giving “davieboi85” the nut straight.

Six-handed play saw “almeex” and “Chapex” neck and neck for the chip lead, before a cooler was had between “davieboi85” and eventual winner “sirotkin”. After a raise under the gun and a call on the button, the two of them were heads up on a flop 10♣9♣A♠ that had hit both of them very well. “davieboi85” had hit top pair and the nut flush draw with A♣5♣ and “sirotkin” had flopped Aces-up with A♥9♦. Obviously the money went in, after a number of raises, but with no club on the turn 3♥ or river J♥ “davieboi85” finished in a respectable 6th place for $26.26. Initial final table chip leader “KING VIETE” was this week’s 5th place finisher, when his A♦J♠ couldn’t hold vs. the A♣9♣ of “sirotkin” after the cards were dealt: Q♥10♠9♥ A♠ 4♦.

Four players were left now, and be sure to take note of their names; as they will be Week 6’s bounty players. “sirotkin”, “almeex”, “Chapex” and “Zubroff” – who started four handed play in that order of chip-counts. “Zubroff” didn’t wait around, as the shortest of the four, getting it all in blind vs. blind with K♠7♠ only to be behind to the A♠J♥ of “almeex”. He finished this week’s Twitter Poker League run in 4th place after the board ran out 6♥Q♥8♠ 4♦ A♦. 3rd place this week went to “Chapex”, the Peruvian’s run was brought to a close when he ran into “sirotkin”‘s A♠A♥.

Heads up play was now starting, and “sirotkin” had an reasonable lead with 530k vs. the 390k of “almeex”. Despite that fact the match lasted a solid 32 hands and culminated in the following hand. “sirotkin” raised 6♣2♣ on the button and was flat called, he bet the 3♥7♠4♣ flop with just a gutshot and was again called. The turn brought the action card 3♣ making “almeex” a set, but giving “sirotkin” a flush draw to go along with his gutshot straight draw. Electing to slow play his set “almeex” just called on the turn when “sirotkin” bet, the river brought the 10♣ completing the flush for the chip leader and “almeex” just couldn’t bring himself to fold when facing the 4bet shove on the river.

Congratulations to “sirotkin” and all the players who made the final table, and a round of applause to “almeex” as the runner up – I’m sure you regret that last hand but the 300FPP bounty prize from the start of the game should soften that blow. Be sure to join us for Week 5 of Season 7 next week (tourneyID: 398625627)- registration is already open! Follow @tpokerstars on twitter and keep your eyes on twitter.pokerstars.com for all the latest info!


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