I like wearing tights

December 17, 2010

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We’re nearly at the end of the year. For most people that’s 31st December – for everyone in ‘media’ it appears to be something closer to the 14th as that’s when it all grinds to a halt!

I’m in ‘just get things done then we can have holiday’ mode – it’s a magnificent tick box, standard slipping state which probably partly made this country (UK) great.

Season 2 of the UKIPT has already started we’ve had the first event in Galway. The presence of TV cameras made it all the more exciting; as did the presence of ludicrous amounts of snow in England and Ireland. A lot of players couldn’t make it on time so we delayed the start and all spent the time having snowball fights, drinking hot chocolate (it was Guiness) and playing online. Environmental problems aside a lot of players still made it, more than last year and enough to give the event it’s great atmosphere. We got some great stories too, nearly getting our first female winner and actually getting our first two time winner.


Two time winner Nick Abou Risk

Next stop is Nottingham and time to dust of my Robin Hood tights. It’s nice to be able to wear them with a non-arrestable excuse.

It took me ages to get a Sky Plus box (other hard drive recording boxes devices are available) but now I have I love it to the point of a deep sexual longing. It means I’ve missed less episodes of good stuff like the Daily Show and American sport. The Apprentice gets my nomination as best show on telly ever. Just get some people that take themselves very
seriously, make them do stupid stuff, point the camera and let them make themselves look ridiculous. The few minutes of TV in the penultimate episode where ‘the brand’ was brutally fired and then Jo magnificently validated was as good as telly gets.

f I don’t speak to you before, have a lovely festive season.


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