We like to have the occasional guest writer on the PokerStars Blog. Over recent months alone we’ve had some fine names, including Vanessa Rousso, ElkY and current world champion Peter Eastgate to name just three, gracing these pages with their thoughts and strategy advice.

But today’s special guest correspondent really does, er, take the biscuit…

by Suki McEvoy

I’m not entirely sure what it is that my master does with himself all day. He disappears for hours on end to sit round a table and look at cards and stuff when really he should be at home taking me out for a nice walk. Sometimes, though, he comes back in a really nice mood because those cards he’s been looking at have won him lots of round things called chips.

I don’t care too much for chips, but I am happy when he’s happy. Then the other night he also bought home a big shiny cup after winning something called the Champions Invitational at the WSOP (which I’m told is where lots of people like my master sit around all day looking at those cards).

Normally if he wins I get a little treat, maybe a biscuit (I’m not too fussy), but this time he only went and picked me up and put me in the Binions Cup. The thing was nearly bigger than me, and I was only just able to get my paws over the rim so I could stick my head out. I think I take a pretty picture, so even though I was a little confused as to why I had to sit in the cup, I still managed to give the camera my best “look at me” face.


This is me in the cup

When master nipped out again to sit round a table and look at some cards, I thought I’d better find out why this big cup was now sitting in my kitchen where my food should be being prepared. So I fired up his laptop and looked at my favorite dog blog, the PokerStars Blog, and found this article about him and all the things he had achieved in poker. Now I think I know why I live in such a nice house.

I love him simply because he is my master, but it said in there that he has achieved a lot of things in life by sitting around a table and looking at cards, and that humans can vote for him to be selected for Poker’s Hall of Fame by visiting this site: The WSOP Poker Hall of Fame.

I don’t think I am allowed to vote, but I would kindly ask that you all do. Thank you. Oh, and I found this picture of master with the cup. I think I look better with it…


My master Tom McEvoy

* Suki is Team PokerStars Pro Tom McEvoy’s pet Yorkshire Terrier, and she will probably not be available for other writing assignments, unless given a large biscuit fee.


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