Ins and outs

October 30, 2005

The following are still in:

Baard Dahl: 19,000 when the photo was taken, 39,000 now. Baard raised from the cut-off with ace-ten, the big blind called and on a flop of Q-5-3, all the chips go in. They’re that kind of player in Dublin. The big blind shows 4-6 for the up and down straight, but misses both ends. Double up for the Norwegian

Andy Black: the fifth-placed finisher in the World Series is keeping his menace on this side of the Atlantic for now. He’s one of the chip leaders with 60,000+

Birgitte Johansson: the better half of Christer Johansson, WPT winner and EPT runner-up. Christer is gone but Birgitte is going strong

Patric Martenson: the Monopoly master from Stockholm, Martenson placed fifth in the EPT in Barcelona. Used to collecting a lot more than £200

Ray Coburn: the PokerStars qualifier collecting chips and candy

There’s only one Jimmy Wan – and he’s sitting behind a mountain

Ken Lennard: the original “Top Hat”, Lennard is still among the best in Scandinavia

These are among the departed:

Ross Boatman, Barny Boatman, Norman Pace, Don Fagan, Simon Trumper, Cecilia Nordenstam, Rory Liffey, Roy Brindley, Patrick Bruel, Iwan Jones, John Kabbaj


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