Introducing PokerStars Prestige badges

March 05, 2021inPoker

We’re introducing a new feature on PokerStars. Technically it’s only available to certain players, but as you’ll see our Prestige feature is more about aspiration.

From now on, if you win one of the bigger more notable events on PokerStars, or qualify for certain others, you can have this achievement displayed next to your avatar when you play (it’s not mandatory by the way, you can switch the option off if you prefer).

So in short you can let everyone know you’re the winner of something big.

Here’s an example.

With the SCOOP badge

That’s a SCOOP badge there, but what else counts for a Prestige symbol?

Here’s the full list.

  • Sunday Million
  • Sunday Storm
  • Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP)
  • World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP)
  • MicroMillions
  • Qualifying online for the European Poker Tour (EPT)
  • Stadium Series
  • Galactic Series
  • Trio Series
  • Sunday Billion
  • Winning a PSPC Platinum Pass

If you win one of these events, we’ll automatically award you the Prestige badge. But not just to winners. Both the PSPC and EPT badges are awarded for players who qualify for those events rather than for winning.

And if you’ve won one of these events in recent years bear with us. We’re also working on backdating these, but that adds up to a lot of PokerStars history.

How it works

When you join a table, you’ll see an empty Prestige slot, as you can see in the image below.

With the badge greyed out

If you click on that empty icon, you’ll see the whole range of Prestige badges. Most will be greyed out except for the ones available to you.


Showing all the badges available

As the image showed, Prestige badges you’ve already been awarded will be fully visible to you. Click on one to display it to opponents.

You can’t display more than one Prestige badge at the same time I’m afraid, but really, what a great problem to have.

Instead, you can simply click on the icon to change which badge is displayed. And don’t forget if you prefer not to flash your achievements to others, you can switch off this option.

How to select no badge showing

In case you’re thinking “well that’s great if you’re one of the handful of players winning the big PokerStars events, but what about me!?” then fear not.

We’re currently working on adding new Prestige badges to those already available, covering different tournaments. So it won’t all be about the SCOOP or WCOOP winners.

So if you have any feedback on the current Prestige or the future of the feature please let us know, either in the comments or at We’d love to hear from you.


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