IPT7 Malta2 Day 2: Level 19 -22 Updates (10,000/20,000, 3,000)

October 23, 2015

12:45am: Alessio Peciarolo wins biggest pot of the tournament to end another day as chip leader
Alessio Peciarolo took on all comers on Day 1A to end as chip leader and he’s done the same to lead again today as Day 2 came to and end. As the last three hands of the night were called he was cruising on a near-twice average stack but then he and Julian Stuer clashed in the biggest pot of the tournament so far.

IPT7_Malta2-346_Alessio Peciarolo.jpg

Peciarolo ends another day as chip leader
Peciarolo opened to 45,000 from the hijack before Stuer three-bet to 135,000. Peciarolo came back with a four-bet to 400,000 and then snap called all in for 1,289,000 after his German opponent shoved.

Peciarolo: A♣A♦
Stuer: A♥K♥

The board ran 7♦8♥2♦6♠Q♦ and Peciarolo yelled in delight. Stuer was visibly devastated and probably won’t sleep well tonight.

IPT7_Malta2-348_Tobias Garp.jpg

Tobias Garp – second in chips
Peciarolo ended the day on 2,625,000, ahead of Tobias Garp (1,819,000), Massimo Di Cicco (1,120,000), Yann Dion (873,000), Chris Brammer (566,000) and Russell Thomas (514,000).

Day 3 chip counts.
Day 3 seat draw.

Dion and Thomas had particularly impressive days, the type of days that helped commonly define Day 2 of a poker tournament moving day. Thomas came back 258/270 but grinded his way back into contention and Dion also came back short, went down to as low as two big blinds around the bubble before making his way all the back up to a big stack.

It look around 90 minutes to bust the bubble earlier in the day and the unfortunate player to leave with nothing was hotshot Matas Cimbolas. He blinded down to the extent where he only had ante back when in the big blind and called it off with five-four. He flopped a pair of fives but Roi Milrad held aces and made 134 friends at the end of the hand.


Matas Cimbolas (seat 1) bubbling
Play resumes at 12pm CET on Saturday and will continue until a final table of eight is reached.

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12:25am: Last three hands
The four remaining players will play three more hands before play concludes for tonight.

12:15am: Start of day chip leader downed
The other Greek player at table 2 didn’t have the same luck as Timotheos Georgios and busted.

Andreas Chalkiadakis started the day as dominating chip leader but fell just shy of making it through a second day unscathed. Details of his exit are vague but Massimo Di Cicco’s A♣J♣ was best after a 3♣Q♥K♠6♠8♦ board came down.


Chalkiadakis had a good run
12:05am: Georgios races to a double up
You got to win your races to win poker tournaments and Timotheos Georgios did just that against former chip leader Ben Richardson.

The latter raised to 40,000 and made a considered call after Georgios three-bet all in for 292,000 from the button.

Georgios: A♣K♥
Richardson: 7♣7♠

The board ran 3♣Q♥K♠6♠8♦ to pair the Greek’s king. Richardson dropped to 760,000.

12am: Serafin busts to
Big hands are matching up in the latter stages of the day. The latest to be in the wrong side of a match up and bust was Luigi Serafin.

He found J♠J♥ and made his move. Pietro Pellegrino was in no mood to fold his K♣K♣ and the board ran 2♠6♦9♦A♠6♠ to see him rise to 405,000.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000/20,000, ante 3,000


11:38pm: Nastasi timing ends Eros’s tournament
Eros Nastasi has been eliminated by Russell Thomas after he found himself in a dominated position.

Nastasi moved all in for his last 100,000 with K♣Q♥ but Thomas woke up with A♥K♥ in the next seat, made the call, and survived the 8♣10♠2♦10♥9♣ board.

Thomas started today as one of the shortest stacks with 20,600 but is currently cruising with an around average stack of 612,000. His spirits were kept high by his girlfriend Kitty Kuo earlier and that couldn’t have hurt!

IPT7_Malta2-296_Russell Thomas_Kitty Kuo.jpg

No coaching on the rail, Kitty!
11:30pm: Field of dreams for Chauskin
Natan Chauskin is running hot after coming from behind again to eliminate another player.

Fred Field, who cashed twice in the recent UKIPT Isle of Man festival, told the blog of his unfortunate exit. He was down to 280,000 when he made his move with pocket queens and found a customer in Chauskin who held pocket jacks. The flop contained a jack and that was all she wrote.

Field’s going to stay and try and satellite into the EPT Main Event. We wish him all the best of luck.

11:15pm: Cohen flushed away
IPT7_Malta2-294_Yohan Cohen.jpg

Chip leader exercises from earlier
Pre bubble, Yohan Cohen led the way. He was very active back then and it was working it for him. Post bubble, his stack started to slide and just recently he was forced to make a move. It ended in a bad beat and an exit from the tournament.

Natan Chauskin inflicted that bad beat. He told the blog that he three-bet Cohen with 7♦8♦ of diamonds. It was enough to set the Israeli all in and, seeing as he had pocket jacks, he made that call. Chauskin went on to make a flush and moved up to 630,000.
IPT7_Malta2-295_Yohan Cohen.jpg

Standard bust outpose
10:55pm: Big stacks clash, cautiously
Denis Timofeev and Benjamin Richardson are two of the biggest stacks in the tournament at the moment. They tangled in a hand but didn’t go wild against each other.

Timofeev opened from mid position and Richardson defended his big blind to see a A♠8♦9♣ flop. Both players checked the K♠ turn where Richardson check-called 50,000. The board completed with the 4♣ and both players went back to checking.

Richardson opened K♥10♥ but lost out to his Russian opponent’s K♣Q♦.

Timofeev — 1,450,000
Richardson — 1,190,000

IPT7_Malta2-331_Denis Timofeev.jpg

Denis the menace

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000/1,600, ante 2,000


9:20pm: Top three counts at dinner break
The players are heading on a 75-minute dinner break before finishing off the last two levels of the day. The top three stacks are:

1. Julian Stuer (Germany), 1,400,000
2. Benjamin Richardson (Australia), 1,150,000
3. Klaus Gortz (Germany), 970,000

IPT7_Malta2-334_Julian Stuer.jpg

Stuer leading the way
9:05pm: Big slick can’t save Francesco
“Ciao!” said a philosophical Francesco Procida after ace-king failed to sae him from busting.

He four-bet all in for 115,000 from the small blind after Martin Dahle had three-bet an open to 52,000 off the button. The original raiser folded before Dahle shrugged and called.

Procida: A♦K♥
Dahle: 8♥9♦

The board ran 4♦4♣8♠2♥4♠ to make the Norwegian a full house that saw his stack rise up to 350,000.

8:50pm: Grogan on a charge
James Grogan won two pots on the bounce to soar up to around 420,000 in chips.

He was under the gun and moved all in for 119,000. The action folded around to Chris Brammer in the big blind and he called after thinking for a minute.

Grogan: A♥J♠
Brammer: A♠9♦

The board ran a blank 7♥3♣Q♠2♥3♥ to double the Irishman up. Brammer dropped to 285,000.


Grogan stands for chips
The very next hand, Grogan was all in again. Day 1A chip leader Alessandro Benazzo opened to 26,000 before Tomasz Chmiel moved all in for 127,000 from the button. Grogan did likewise from the big blind and that was enough to get it heads up.

Chmiel: K♣10♣
Grogan: J♦J♠

The board ran 4♠9♣8♣8♦A♥ to send the pot to Ireland and Poland to the rail.

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LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000/12,000, ante 2,000


8:25: Life by quads for Kakatolis
“I’m sorry!” lied Sotirios Kakatolis to Pedro Ventura after he flopped quads to crack his kings to double up.

Joep Raemaekers opened from under the gun before Kakatolis three-bet all in for 157,000 from mid position. Ventura was in the big blind and moved all in over the top, which was enough to oust Raemaekers from the confrontation.

Kakatolis: 7♥7♣
Ventura: K♣K♦

The board ran 7♠4♥7♦A♦A♣.

Ventura took the hit very well and said it was ok after the apology came his way.

8:05pm:Hana shown the door
Robert Hana was down to just 9,000 chips when he called all in. There would be no comeback.

Alessandro Pichierri raised to 22,000 from under the gun before Hana called all in from the cutoff. No other player was interested.

Hana: 10♠3♠
Pichierri: 3♥3♦

It was a bad spot for him to be in and his exit was confirmed when a 4♠J♣A♠6♣9♣ board was dealt.


Hana waiting to be taken to the payout deask
7:45pm: Wyrzykiewicz on fumes
EPT11 Malta Main Event eighth-place finisher Remi Wyrzykiewicz has fumes for chips after a mistimed four-bet doubled up his opponent Benjamin Richardson.

The action folded around to Wyrzykiewicz on the button and he raised to 20,000. Richardson was in the big blind and three-bet to 55,000 before calling all in for 261,000 after Wyrzykiewicz shoved.

Wyrzykiewicz: K♠10♦
Richardson: J♣J♥

The board ran 8♥4♦A♠5♠J♠ to make the Australian a set. Wyrzykiewicz sat with a lowered shaking head and 17,000 chips.

7:25pm: Day 2 is moving day as well as bubble day
The bubble was taken care of before the break, Matas Cimbolas the unlucky player to bust.

IPT7_Malta2-291_Russell Thomas.jpg

Russel Thomas
The same fortune cannot be said for Russell Thomas and Yann Dion. The former entered Day 2 as one of the shortest stacks with 20,600 to his name, less than ten big blinds to play with. He never gave up though and now around 540,000 chips.

The latter has a big smile on his face now. Dion came back with more than twice Thomas but slid all the way down to two big blinds before he staged a remarkable recovery and has climbed up to 386,000.

Both are behind a top five of:

1. Julian Stuer (Germany), 975,000
2. Henry Broens (Netherlands), 858,000
3. Alessio Peciarolo (Italy), 830,000
4. Giuseppe Polichetti (Italy), 702,000
5. Pedro Lamarca (Spain), 687,000

IPT7_Malta2-320_Julian Stuer.jpg

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Updates provided by Marc Convey, with photos coming from René Velli and Tomáš Stacha.


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