JjaXbax1 takes TPL week 1 win

March 08, 2011


JjaXbax1 wins the inaugural week of Season 6 and takes the early lead over the Twitter Poker League. 1,048 players took part in the tournament on Sunday and three volunteered to have a bounty placed on their heads. “rivermenow” (@zelljrc), “Domenko” (@domenko) and “fly2lv” (@fly2lv) each were worth 400FPP if you managed to eliminated them.

“fly2lv” was the first to fall, out in 684th place.

“domenko” was next to go, taken out in 481st place by “leaodurselry” when an Ace fell on the river to best his shove with Queens, as seen below.

domenko hand.png

“rivermenow” was the last remaining bounty player, but not for long as he was bust by “Bohmie” to finish in 451st place. “Bohmie” was on the lucky side of the flip between K♣Q♦ vs. A♥J♠, he caught a Queen on the turn and a King on the river.

Play was speedy as usual this week, by the first break we had lost over half the field with 429 players left. By the time we reached the second break 164 players remained and we were close to the money, as 153 players would be paid. Two thirds of those players who did make the money were gone by the time we reached the third break, 45 players across the last five tables took a five minute breather before battling to reach that elusive final table.

“RaysTwo” of Germany was knocked out in 10th this week, ending hand for hand play and leaving the last nine players to assemble around the final table. “MAX698tn150” was the chip leader (372k) when play started among the final nine, and “pachipele” was the shortest stack with 15 Big Blinds (87k). “baira87” kick started the final table, showing he was here to win, he was very aggressive and after a couple of rotations he was the clear chip leader with over 440k.

First to be knocked out was “JM-MrPoker” when his 10♦10♠ ran into Q♥Q♣ of “MAX698tn150”, 9th place paid $11.52 and awarded 10 leaderboard points. Next out was “itse04” who had become incredibly short (less than a small blind) after losing an all-in was forced all-in with K♠2♦ but couldn’t prevail vs. the 6♣6♠ of “MAX698tn150”. 8th place paid $20.43 and 11 leaderboard points this week. “MAX698tn150” was back in the chip lead and was two for two in eliminating players at the final table so far, he was surely becoming feared by the other players.

7th place this week went to “baira87” who’s K♣Q♥ fell to the 9♠8♦ of “JjaXbax1”, he left with $30.91 and 12 leaderboard points. K♥10♠ got the better of A♠Q♣ to knock “pachipele” out in 6th place, they received $41.39 and 13 points for their efforts. Fifth place this week and the $51.87 and 14 leaderboard points that went with it, was had by previous chip leader “MAX698tn150” in a spectacular three way all in pictured below.

S6W1 three way.PNG

“JjaXbax1” now had an overwhelming chip lead, which no doubt helped him claim the win this week, before that though there were still 3 players standing in his way. “SeniorX72” was out in fourth place when he shoved the J♥A♥K♥ flop with his A♦8♠ – called by the gutshot royal flush draw 10♥7♣ of “JjaXbax1” who caught a heart on the river to make a flush. Sadly not the Q♥ because let’s face it everyone likes seeing a royal flush, and “SeniorX72” would probably be ok with losing to one.

Three handed play didn’t last long, “YRA3” was quickly out in 3rd place taking just under $100 and 16 points with him – leaving #tpoker regular “jefkez” (@jefoss) and “JjaXbax1” to begin the heads up battle. It was by far the shortest heads up match ever in Twitter Poker League history taking a mere 6 hands! It all went down in hand 6 of 6 when “Jefkez” made 2nd pair on a flop of 2♠K♣J♠ but sadly for him, when he shoved “JjaXbax1” had top pair with K♥7♣. No luck for Jeff as the turn bricked (3♥) and the river only brought a second K♠ to give “JjaXbax1” three of a kind and the Season 6 Week 1 victory.

Registration is already open for next week’s game, and you can find the tournament easily by searching for the ID: 368741635 after pressing CTRL+T in the PokerStars client. Things are just getting started this season; there are many weeks to come but when you get at least one point just for playing each week, what’s stopping you getting a head start now?


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