Join James Hartigan and Joe “Stapes” Stapleton for Episode 172 of the Poker In The Ears podcast. This week, the boys are joined by Jessica Welman for a special movie-themed edition of the show.

Jessica has reported on poker, written about betting and is known as a bit of a film critic. She brings her strong and insightful opinions to the show, at least when she can get a word in over Joe and James.

The interview starts with a discussion on The Rise of Skywalker (25:40). James has a bit of a rant, and for the most part all can agree that this isn’t the best film we’ve ever seen.

HBO series The Watchmen gains great praise (39:10). Jessica bigs up the show as a nuanced discussion on race relations in the United States, while also recognising the Asian stereotyping as a weakness.

The trio continue on to their review of the Oscars (53:10).

Jess had financial interests in the awards ceremony. Did her bets pay off? Should 1917 have won Best Picture? Did Parasite get a bit too much attention? Why did Eminem show up to perform Lose Yourself? All valid questions answered in the podcast.

Jess then takes an academy award quiz (59:40) before George Zdravevski from Poland, who previously cancelled, gets back in touch for “Superfan vs Stapes” (1:09:41). The theme this week: Hunger Games.

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