The Super Tuesday is on the rise again. Earlier this year the weekly $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold’em tournament broke records by eclipsing the 600-player mark for the first time, ultimately hitting an all-time high of 663 entries back in March. The fields shrunk back down into the 400s for much of the summer, but had climbed back over 500 the last two weeks, then tonight drew 623 players which helped add up to a $103,084.58 first prize for winner Jordan “JWPRODIGY” Westmorland following a three-way deal with UKIPT Online Qualifier of the Year Dara “SlowDoke” OKearney ($84,541.20) and steve3331 ($79,952.72).


Jordan “JWPRODIGY” Westmorland

With 623 entries that meant a prize pool of $623,000 — more than double the Super Tuesday’s $300K guarantee — with the top 72 finishers dividing that cash. It took more than five hours for them to play down to the bursting of the bubble, at which point dariepoker was in first position with lil monster3 not far behind and vicenfish a little further back in third.

By the time they were approaching the eight-hour mark of the tournament just 18 players remained gathered around the final two tables. At that point dariepoker had been eliminated in 25th place ($3,728), but lil monster3 was still in the top three in the counts while vicenfish had dropped to the lower third of those left. Meanwhile, steve3331 had moved up to the top spot with more than 437,000, with jonstarz next in line with about 322,000.

It took another 45 minutes for nine more to fall, with JWPRODIGY moving out in front along the way.

pAtcAsh83 (18th), drcris11 (17th), and STELA_POKER (16th) each cashed for $4,984. Steven “Zugwat” Silverman (15th), KatePkrPro (14th), and AJSuited16 (13th) took away $6,230 apiece. robinho next went out in 12th, followed by lil monster3 who’d slipped go out in 11th. Then when Gambler4444 went out in 10th — cashing for $7,476 like the previous two eliminated players — the final table was set.


Seat 1: JMDA Y SALO (Peru) — 510,232
Seat 2: jonstarz (United Kingdom) — 181,999
Seat 3: Andrey “andreasbar” Lobzhanidze (Russia) — 138,105
Seat 4: JWPRODIGY (Australia) — 799,014
Seat 5: SlowDoke (Ireland) — 136,606
Seat 6: vicenfish (Portugal) — 238,490
Seat 7: Toby “810ofclubs” Lewis (United Kingdom) — 382,992
Seat 8: Gmelkonyan (Russia) — 209,738
Seat 9: steve3331 (Hungary) — 517,824

On just the third hand of the final table, SlowDoke opened with a 2x raise to 1,600 and it folded around to Andrey “andreasbar” Lobzhanidze in the small blind who raised all in to 127,105. JWPRODIGY stepped aside from the big blind, then SlowDoke called showing J♦J♥ to Lobzhanidze’s A♣Q♠. The board rolled out 3♦3♥K♥6♦4♣, SlowDoke’s jacks held, and they were quickly down to eight.

A couple of orbits later the blinds were 4,500/9,000 when steve3331 raised to 18,000 from the button, then jonstarz shoved for 198,349 from the big blind and steve3331 called. jonstarz had 6♠6♣ while steve3331 turned over A♠J♦, then the 9♦10♥A♣ flop swiftly put steve3331 in the lead. The turn and river brought to kings — K♦, then K♠ — and jonstarz was out in eighth.

The blinds next moved up to 5,000/10,000, and after vicenfish raised to 20,000 from the cutoff seat and steve3331 called from the big blind, the pair watched a flop come 8♠6♦K♠. steve3331 checked, vicenfish bet 20,000, steve3331 raised to 48,885, vicenfish pushed all in for 190,610 total and steve3331 called.

steve3331 had top pair with K♣10♠ while vicenfish had but A♣8♦ for a lesser pair, and after the J♣ turn and Q♣ river vicenfish was out in seventh. That hand helped push steve3331 up close to 1 million chips and into the the lead.

A short while later JMDA Y SALO opened with a 3x raise from under the gun, then Toby “810ofclubs” Lewis reraised all in for 210,042 from the button. The blinds got out, and JMDA Y SALO called.

Lewis had A♠Q♠ and was hoping to improve against JMDA Y SALO’s 9♥9♠. But the community cards came 8♦9♣6♦9♦K♠ to give the latter quad nines and end Lewis’s run in sixth place.

The remaining five pushed onward up to the 10-hour mark, with the last hand before the break arrived involving a short-stacked Gmelkonyan all in and at risk versus leader steve3331, but both players turned over pocket kings and ended up spitting the pot.

Gmelkonyan would battle into the 11th hour with that short stack, but eventually slipped down to less than 10,000 and was soon all in with Q♠J♥ versus JWPRODIGY’s K♠2♠. The board hit neither player, coming 6♦4♣7♠3♥9♦, and Gmelkonyan was out in fifth.

Play continued into Level 39 where the blinds were 9,000/18,000 with a 2,250 ante with JWPRODIGY pushing out further ahead while steve3331 slipped back to fourth position just a touch behind JMDA Y SALO.

Then a hand arose when steve3331 min-raised to 36,000 from the button then JMDA Y SALO pushed all in for just over 358,000 from the small blind. It folded back to steve3331 who called right away, turning over A♣A♦ to JMDA Y SALO’s K♦10♥.

The board came Q♠4♠6♥4♣3♦, and suddenly JMDA Y SALO was crippled down to just 1,070 chips. All in on the next hand with A♦3♦ versus SlowDoke’s 6♠5♠, the board brought a six and a five and JMDA Y SALO was out in fourth.

The final three players continued on for a short while, then paused the tourney to talk about a possible deal to divide the remaining prize money. At that point, JWPRODIGY led with 1,691,331, SlowDoke was next with 809,392, and steve331 was third with 614,277.

“Chip chop” figures were initially introduced, then came the ICM-based deal — leaving $6,000 for which to play — and after some discussion the three agreed to those latter terms.

It would take about 15 minutes more from there, with the tourney moving into Hour #12, for a winner to be found.

With the blinds at 10,000/20,000, steve3331 raised to 50,885 from the small blind, JWPRODIGY mad it 105,555 to go from the big blind, steve3331 pushed all in for 656,267 total, and JWPRODIGY called.

steve3331: K♠9♥

The flop was good for steve3331, coming 6♣2♣K♦ to pair his king. But the turn was the A♠ to give JWPRODIGY the better pair, and after the 5♥ river steve3331 hit the rail in third.

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That hand gave JWPRODIGY a commanding lead to start heads-up play with 2,401,112 to SlowDoke’s 713,888. They’d play four hands with SlowDoke winning each one to push up over 1 million, but then the end abruptly arrived.

The final hand started with a min-raise to 40,000 by JWPRODIGY from the button, called by SlowDoke. The flop then came all hearts — 6♥5♥2♥ — and SlowDoke led with a bet of 54,400. JWPRODIGY responded with a raise to 124,444, and when SlowDoke shoved for 1,031,726 total, JWPRODIGY called.

SlowDoke had 7♦7♥ for an overpair, a flush draw, and a gutshot to a straight, but JWPRODIGY had A♥A♠ for a better pair and a better flush draw. The turn and river then came J♦ then 6♦, and JWPRODIGY’s hand had held.

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Congratulations to JWPRODIGY who earns a six-figure score in the Super Tuesday, the second week running that has occurred. Kudos as well to SlowDoke and steve3331 for making it to the three-way deal and ensuring themselves handsome paydays rivaling what many Super Tuesday winners have been receiving this summer.

8/6/13 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold’em) results (*reflects three-way deal)

Players: 623
Prize pool: $623,000.00
Places paid: 72

1st: Jordan “JWPRODIGY” Westmorland (Australia) — $103,084.58*
2nd: Dara “SlowDoke” OKearney (Ireland) — $84,541.20*
3rd: steve3331 (Hungary) — $79,952.72*
4th: JMDA Y SALO (Peru) — $47,971.00
5th: Gmelkonyan (Russia) — $33,642.00
6th: Toby “810ofclubs” Lewis (United Kingdom) — $26,477.50
7th: vicenfish (Portugal) — $20,247.50
8th: jonstarz (United Kingdom) — $14,017.50
9th: andreasbar (Russia) — $9,531.90

*Denotes a deal has been made.

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