lapt-promo.gif6:17pm: Oded dead in ninth as final table gets set
Alex Komaromi opened to 65,000, a luxury afforded the chip leader at this stage. Oded Oscar Minond had been relatively quiet for the past hour or so, but finally woke up with an all-in for 445,000. Komaromi considered his options for a moment. Finding himself with only two, he chose the one that could end the evening. He called with K♥Q♠. Minond showed him 10♣10♦. Minond was safe on the 3♠5♥7♥ flop, but Komaromi turned his K♠. The river was the A♠ and Minond went out in ninth place.

With the final table of nine players now set, play has broken for the night. The remaining players will be back at noon tomorrow to play down to the champion. We’ll have a full wrap up of the day in just a few minutes. –BW

5:51pm: Level 24 begins
The price of poker just went… you know. Blinds are now 15,000/30,000 with a 5,000 ante. –MH

5:31pm: Slow and steady
Not too surprisingly, play has slowed considerably since the last nine reassembled around a single table, the short stacks now able to display a bit more patience than before during short-handed play. We’ve seen one uncalled three-bet since the redraw and move, and not too much chip significant chip movement.

There are 10 minutes left in Level 23. –MH

5:10pm: The not-quite-final final table
The final nine players have redrawn for seats and are now arranged around a single table. They’ll play until one more is eliminated, then the last eight will return for tomorrow’s official final table.

Uruguay’s own Alex Komaromi currently leads the way, with Engelberth Varela of Venezuela his closest foe. Here’s how they are seated, along with the stacks each sits behind. –MH

Seat 1 – Rafael Monteiro (880,000)
Seat 2 – Felipe Pasini (490,000)
Seat 3 – Nelson Neto (810,000)
Seat 4 – Carlos Watanabe (425,000)
Seat 5 – Alex Komaromi (1,980,000)
Seat 6 – Claudio Piedrabuena (700,000)
Seat 7 – Oded Minond (610,000)
Seat 8 – Fernando Araujo (1,050,000)
Seat 9 – Engelberth Varela (1,300,000)


Uruguay’s own Alex Komaromi leads with nine left

5:00pm: Whoops…Andrey Tsitovich eliminated in 10th place
Russian Andrey Tsitovich had been controlling the field most of the day, but a slip up moments ago has sent him to the rail He opened for a min-raise to 48,000. Uruguayn Alex Komaromi three-bet from the big blind to 116,000. Tsitovich made a quick decision to move all-in for nearly 900,000. Komaromi snap-called with K♦K♥. Tsitovich was left to turn up A♦6♦. The board, J♠4♠5♣4♠J♥ missed him completely and Tsitovich was gone in 10th place. Players have now consolidated to one table of nine players. After one more elimination, they will break for the night. –BW

4:44pm: Bonnet bounced; 10 remain
Alex Komaromi open-shoved from the small blind, and Luis Bonnet called from the big blind with his last 350,000.

Komaromi K♣7♣
Bonnet K♠9♥

A good spot, it appeared, for Bonnet to double up. It remained good through fourth street after the 3♦A♥2♦ flop and 8♣ turn. But the 7♦ spiked on the river and Bonnet was bounced in 11th place. Komaromi is now up around the 1 million mark. –MH


Luis Bonnet, 11th place

4:39pm: Watanabe doubles
Engleberth Varela opened for 60,000 from the cutoff, then Carlos Watanabe reraised all in for 242,000 total from the small blind. The big blind got out, and Varela called, showing A♦10♠ to Watanabe’s 8♥8♦. The five community cards came K♦3♦2♠Q♣K♠, and Watanabe’s hand held. He chips up to 528,000. –MH

4:34pm: Erik von Buxhoeveden busts in 12th
On the first hand back from the break, Erik von Buxhoeveden open-shoved from the cutoff with his last 230,000 or so, then it folded to Oded Minond who reshoved from the small blind, forcing out the BB. Von Buxhoeveden showed Q♦10♠ and Minond A♦9♥. The board ran out 4♣5♣7♥8♦3♥. Von Buxhoeveden is out in 12th, earning $10,830, while Minond now has about 600,000. –MH

4:30pm: Four to go
With 12 players remaining, the 23rd level is about to get underway. Players will be returning to 12,000/24,000/4,000 blinds and antes.

While we wait for the action to get rolling, here is a sampling of the celebratory stylings of Nelson Neto. –BW


Live coverage of LAPT Punta del Este is brought to you by Brad “D & Dos’ dad” Willis and Martin “ElkY’s uncle” Harris.


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