Updates from the LAPT event in Punta del Este Level 15 (2,000/4,000/400) will be posted here and come courtesy of live bloggers Brad Willis and Change100.

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Last update 5:01pm

5:01pm–Alex Fitzgerald and Edson Esquio eliminated back to back ($7,220)

Lisandro Gallo may get us to a final table before dinner. He knocked out both Alex Fitzgerald and Edson Esquio back to back in the lat hands before the break.

Alex Fitzgerald was short and in need of a double-up. Folded to him in the cut-off, he got it in with [JD]-[8D]. Unfortunately for him, Lisandro Gallo woke up with big slick. The board blanked out and Fitzgeral exited in 32nd place.


Alex Fitzgerald

Here’s what Fitzgerald had to say a little bit earlier.

Watch LAPT Punta del Este S2: Alexander Fitzgerlad Day 2 on PokerStars.tv,

Just a minute later, Esquio bluffed all-in on a Q-Q-3 board with K-J. Gallo called him with pocket sevens. Esquio missed and went out in 31st place.

Players are now on a 15-minute break.

4:50pm– Jose Rosenkrantz eliminated in 33rd place ($7,220)

Over on the TV featured table, Jose Rosenkrantz made his move with [QC]-[JD] and was called by an opponent with [AC]-[JH]. The flop gave Rosenkrantz a gutshot straight draw, coming down [10S]-[8D]-[2H] and he picked up even more outs with the [KS] on the turn, but the river blanked out, the [3C] falling to eliminate the WPT champion in 33rd place.

4:48pm–Rodrigo Acerbi Lasmar eliminated in 34th place ($7,220)

Rodrigo Acerbi Lasmar made his last stand with [QH]-[9D] and found himself dominated by Simon Castro’s [QD]-[JD]. Though Lasmar flopped a nine, Castro rivered a jack and sent him to the rail in 34th place.

4:45pm–Ron Wasiel still alive

We mentioned a few minutes ago that PokerStars qualifier Ron Wasiel managed to survive his all-in. The painter from south of Chicago spoke to our video blog team just a bit ago and had this to say.

Watch LAPT Punta del Este S2: Ronald Wasiel Day 2 on PokerStars.tv

4:39pm–Let’s go spend $7,220!

With the prize money not jumping for a bit, players are starting to drop off like canaries in gas-filled mine. We’ll update with recent eliminations in just a bit.

4:30pm–Clemenceau Merheb Calixto eliminated 36th place ($7,220)

Clemenceau Merheb Calixto was looking to triple up with pocket threes all-in against Ron Wasiel’s [AD]-[QH] and Lisandro Gallo’s [AC]-[JC]. He was doing fine on the [10D]-[5D]-[10S]-[2D] board. And then the river paired the five to counterfeit him and send him out in 36th place.

4:20pm– Alberto Araujo Jr. bursts the bubble

Down to less than three big blinds and with the action folded to him, Alberto Araujo moved all in from the small blind. It was up to Oliver Rowe in the big blind.

“You have the odds, you have to call!” quipped Araujo, who was out of his seat in eager anticipation.

Rowe couldn’t have liked the [3D]-[6C] he saw, but nevertheless was compelled to call. Araujo turned up [KD]-[QS].

The flop, though, came down [JD]-[7C]-[3S], pairing up Rowe. The [AD] came on the turn, giving Araujo outs with a king, a queen or a ten, but the river was another three, and Rowe took it down with trips, leaving Araujo as Punta del Este’s bubble boy.


The agony of the bubble for Alberto Araujo

Our 36 remaining players are all in the money and guaranteed at least $7,220 for their efforts here in Uruguay.

4:15pm–Man down!

Short-stacked Gustav Schuldt Langner needed a double-up. He shoved with [QD]-[5H] and got called by a pair of queens. Langner couldn’t catch up. With his exit and one on the outer table, we’re now on the bubble.

4:06pm– Spada! Spada! Spada!

Octavio Bernadini put his last hopes on the [AS]-[QS], getting all in before the flop but found himself up against Lisandro Pablo Gallo’s [AC]-[AH]. With the tournament stuck at 39 players remaining for the last half a level, a crowd swarmed the table to watch Bernadini’s fate play out. The flop came down a sweat-tastic [7S]-[5D]-[2S].

“Spada! Spada! Spada!” cried Bernadini, while Gallo countered with “Roja! Roja! Roja!” praying for a red card. Bernadini, though would be the one to get his wish, the [4S] falling on the turn.

A booming “YES!” pierced the clatter of chips as Bernadini survived the hand, and high-fived one of his tablemates as he made his flush. Gallo could only shake his head in frustration. And we remain… at 39 players.


3:48pm–Head up, move’em out, blinds up

The 39 remaining players have moved up to 2,000/4,000/400 blinds.


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