LAPT8 Peru: Moya knocks out Ramirez in third; takes lead to heads-up

July 21, 2015

Level 26 (20,000/40,000/5,000) started quietly. Then came a couple of hands that added a bit more noise to the proceedings.

In the first Claudio Moya got Daniel Ramirez to call a river value bet after having made a straight versus Ramirez’s top pair, and Moya gave a little fist bump and shout of “Vamo!” as he added a little to his chip lead.

The next hand saw Chadi Moustapha raise from the button and Ramirez defend his big blind. The 9♣9♦6♣ flop brought a check from Ramirez, a bet of 70,000 from Moustapha, a check-raise to 175,000 by Ramirez, and a slow call from Moustapha.

Ramirez checked after the 6♠ turn, then called Moustapha’s 100,000-chip bet. Then Ramirez checked once more after the 10♣ river and watched Moustapha make a big bet of 365,000.

“Bluff?” asked Ramirez, who after just a few more seconds tossed out calling chips, then waited to see Moustapha table his hand — 9♠8♠.

“Come on, daddy! Come on, daddy!’ said Ramirez in Spanish as he excitedly tabled his 8♥7♠, for a straight, then had to smile sheepishly when he realized Moustapha had a full house.

“Come on, daddy!” he said again, having only paused a beat. The others glanced up at him with looks starting to resemble wonder.

“Come on, daddy… you lose!” he continued, and the table and rail all broke up in laughter.

From there it was Moya again making most of the noise, steadily claiming small pots from both his his opponents and punctuating each hand with another “Vamo!” and punch — sometimes into the space before him, other times pounding the felt once before stacking his newly acquired chips.


Claudio Moya
Play continued, with Moya moving up to around 3.8 million (95 big blinds) to Ramirez’s 1.8 million (45 BBs) and Moustapha’s 1.6 million (about 40 BBs).

Then came a hand in which Moya opened with a raise from the small blind, Ramirez three-bet to 290,000, and Moya called. The flop came all spades — 5♠7♠Q♠ — and when Moya led for 400,000, Ramirez shoved, and Moya made the call.

Moya: K♣Q♣
Ramirez: A♠9♦

Moya had top pair but Ramirez was drawing live with his ace and nut flush draw. The turn was the 10♦, eliciting some more vocal urging from Moya. Then the 10♥ fell on the river, and he shouted again before shaking hands with Ramirez who had been ousted in third.


Daniel Ramirez – 3rd place
Moya carries a big chip lead to heads-up with about 5.56 million to Moustapha’s 1.64 million. And while there was some deal talk earlier, it doesn’t appear there will be one made — at least as yet — as they’ve already begun to play it out.

Photography from LAPT8 Peru by Carlos Monti. You can also follow the action in Spanish here and in Portuguese here.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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