LAPT8 Peru: Neves no more; five remain

July 21, 2015

Before Level 23 could conclude, Helio Neves — the new short stack with six left — was in push-fold mode. And it went well for him, for a while, anyway,

Once the Brazilian was called after reraising all in over Colombian Daniel Ramirez’s middle position open, turning over A♠Q♥ versus Ramirez’s A♦K♦ and appearing in especially bad shape after a J♦8♥9♣ flop.

But the Q♣ popped out on the turn followed by a harmless river seven, and Neves’s normally stoic expression turned into a mischievous grin.

“I think he has me covered,” he said as the chips were counted, earning a chuckle as Ramirez had had about a 10-to-1 advantage preflop. Another push got through thereafter, and Neves was up over 400,000 again as they moved without a break into Level 24 (12,000/24,000/3,000).

About 15 minutes later Chadi Moustapha opened for 51,000 from the cutoff and Neves called from the big blind. The flop came 6♣4♠A♠ and Neves instantly checked. Acting with deliberation, Moustapha continued for 48,000 and after some thought Neves called.

The turn was the 4♣, and Neves tapped the felt right away once more. Moustapha looked across the table at him for several seconds, then pushed out a bet of 108,000. After some thought, Neves called again, leaving himself about 150,000 behind.

The river was the K♠, and Neves checked without hesitation a third time. The player from Lebanon watched his opponent once more for a short while, then set out a stack big enough to put Neves all in.

Neves tossed out a chip to call in a flash, and Moustapha quickly flipped over 8♠3♠ for a rivered flush. Neves nodded while pushing his cards face down toward the muck, then rose to depart having finished in sixth ($35,360).


Helio Neves
Moustapha moves up around 1.85 million with that pot, nearing leaders Claudio Moya and Daniel Ramirez as the final five play on.

Photography from LAPT8 Peru by Carlos Monti. You can also follow the action in Spanish here and in Portuguese here.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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