(Lindow)Sweet win in TPL

May 19, 2011


“Lindowsweet1” came out on top this week in the Twitter Poker League tournament, besting 591 players. He took $111.29 for the win, and 20 points on the Season 7 leaderboard – meaning he’s tied in 1st place with last week’s winner “werdan”. As the top four finishers last week “effieeve” “werdan” “msqra” and “stefanie696” were eligible to be this week’s bounty players, each worth 300FPP a piece! “effieeve” and “stefani696” returned to take on that challenge and the players kept an eager eye out for them both.

“stefani696” was the first of the two to fall, when her Queens ran into “sajkoo99″‘s Aces. As the last bounty player standing “effieeve” made the shove (below) with a very short stack, the turn brought him a bunch of outs, but there was no luck on the river – and “jose gulag” scooped the pot and the 300FPP bounty.


Around the second break, the bubble drew close and the pressure was on to be one of the 90 players who would make the money. League regular “Marjamma” and past winner “abra1304” narrowly missed out finishing in 106th and 96th place respectively. With the money mark reached play shifted focus to the final table, all the shortest stacks were eliminated or managed to chip up, and we soon had our final nine players.

7 2 FT.PNG

“sanches730” was the clear chip leader when the final table started (above) and “Fabiodepo” was the shortest – but not by much. Play kicked off swiftly with “EFIMTA” raising A♦J♣ and calling the shove from the chip leader who held Q♦Q♥ . After the flop turn and river were dealt, 8♥4♠3♥ K♦ 7♣ “EFIMTA” left in 9th place. 8th place this week was awarded to “””morar56” along with $13.29 prize-money, after they ran K♦J♦ into the J♣J♠ of “turboatom”. There was no King on the flop 8♠10♣5♣ turn 3♦ or river 10♦, and his Twitter Poker League run had come to an end for this week.

Previous chip leader “sanches730” was the next to go, when he played (and lost) an interesting pot with eventual winner “Lindowsweet1”. He raised under the gun with A♥Q♣ and was called by “Lindowsweet1” who was in the big blind, the flop came 4♣Q♠J♥ and “sanches730” bet out 32,000 which was more than the pot! He got a call from “Lindowsweet1” who held K♦10♥, for an open ended straight draw. The turn brought the K♥ and “Lindowsweet1” shoved his near pot sized stack in, and was called, but with no 10 or Queen, “sanches730” was out and finished in 7th place. Shortly after, “jrsolcia” who had recently become pretty short stacked, moved in with A♥7♠ only to find he was way behind the pocket nines of “fabiodepo” he caught a seven on the flop but couldn’t find another, or the Ace that he needed to survive – and left in 6th.

Five-handed play saw a very short stacked “Hasenmann173” desperately trying to double up through any of the other four players. Sadly when he finally got some action he was dominated, he held A♦3♦ but “fabiodepo” held 8♦8♠ and was able to pick him off after the board ran out 5♥3♣7♣ 2♦ K♦, though the all-in wasn’t without it scares, especially by the turn when “Hasenmann” had 9 outs! We were down to the final four, which means that “Lindowsweet1”, “turboatom”, “Chypik19” and “fabiodepo” will each have 300FPP rewards on their heads, if they choose to play again next week, as our bounty players. Be sure to look out for them next week.

Fourth place this week went to “fabiodepo” who lost his flip with A♠9♥ vs the 7♣7♦ of “turboatom”. He raised to 80,000 even though he only had 81,000 and shoved the 4♠5♦4♣ flop, the 6♣ turn didn’t help and the river 8♣ only made “turboatom” a straight. Good game Fabio, and I’m sure we will see you again next week, and congratulations on the $44.32. Sadly proving that sometimes you can be way ahead preflop and still lose, “Chypik19” was eliminiated in 3rd place this week when he got it all-in with A♠J♥ vs. “Lindowsweet1” who held Q♠J♦. The flop was dealt, 4♦6♥Q♦ and that changed everything, unable to find and Ace on the turn 5♥ or river 2♣ he was out.

Thanks to that lucky little hand “Lindowsweet1” went into the heads-up portion of the match with a small chip lead, 460k vs. the 400k of “turboatom”. I should be impartial, but I really wanted “turboatom” to win, I had so many space puns lined up – then again maybe it’s a good thing he was the runner-up this week. The match really boiled down to the final hand, where both players were getting short as the blind kept rising relentlessly. “turboatom” moved all-in on his button with J♦9♣ only to be snapp-called by Queens. The board fell 5♦7♠7♣ 3♥ K♣ and he was dead on the turn to “Lindowsweet1″‘s Q♠Q♥. A well fought fight by both of them, and $79.78 is a solid reward for a $1 tournament.

Same place (PokerStars), same time (2000CET) again next week, and registration is already open! (TourneyID: ) Do you think you have what it takes to be the best poker player in the Twitter Poker League? There are still six weeks of this season left so it is very much anyone’s game.


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