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February 09, 2006

If you’re not writing these days, you’re playing poker. And if you’re a writer and you’re a poker player, you’re probably going to spend some time writing about poker. You couldn’t resist it even if you tried.

So it is that lurking somewhere in the monstrous fields now de riguer at these high-stakes international events, there will be a certain number of journalists, looking for the story from within the story, hopefully making the headlines themselves. EPT Deauville is no different and it only took a brief quickstep around the far end of the ballroom to uncover three fine examples of those players equally adept with the pen as with the chip.

Here is Simon Young, of The Sun newspaper in London.

Simon Young: under Moneymaker’s gaze

He’s been PokerStars’ guest on the entire EPT, that particular stroke of luck negated by some wretched fortune around the tables. He’s been up and down today, most recently down, when he had to lay down his set of nines facing a huge raise on the river – the river that had brought the third spade that Simon’s opponent may just have been waiting for. He lost the minimum, but is down to 7,000 plus change.

Here is John Caldwell.

John Caldwell: making poker news and

John can write, as the many readers of his website will testify, but John can also play and cashed at the EPT London event earlier this season. He is over from the States for a quick trip around a few European destinations – Deauville just happening to appear on the itinerary. John was also down to about 7,500 at last count, but these are still early days.

Roland de Wolfe will be coming to a TV set near you soon.

Roland de Wolfe: taking the short trip from WPT to EPT

He’s probably now best described as a “former” journalist, having ditched the typewriter for a full-time poker career, buoyed in no small part by victory in the 2005 WPT Paris event. He might struggle to replicate it on the EPT – he’s sitting behind about 6,000 – but you’ll know him soon enough.


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