Manila Megastack 3: A big day 1b sees Su taking the lead

September 26, 2015

It was another rocking day at the PokerStars Live Manila poker room at City of Dreams Manila with the Manila Megastack 3 recording 194 entries for the final flight of the Main Event 2M guarantee.

When day 1b started, it was already presumed that the numbers would be high, and that the guarantee would be exceeded. Sure enough, by the end of late registration, the numbers soared, bringing the total prize pool -with the combined tally of day 1a- to just over P3M.

In today’s action, a total of 29 players made the cut into day 2 and the man sitting at the top of the rung was Shih Chieh Su (Taiwan) bagging 616,000 chips.


Su surpassed day 1a’s chip leader, Seung Soo Jeon (South Korea) who had slightly under at 605,000 chips.

Alike Jeon, Su played hard against his opponents. Players such as Tetsuya Tsuchikawa (Japan) and Mike Kim Enriquez (Philippines) were among those who had a tough time shaving off some of Su’s chips. In the Manila Megastack 3 updates blog, Su was seen check-raising and milking players. Late in the day, Su amassed more chips when his A♥J♦ landed a sweet two pair on the board of J♣A♦2♣4♠6♠ against a player’s A♣10♣.

Another player also up in the chip rank is Yi Won Lee from South Korea. Lee found new life after being eliminated early in the game. He re-entered and proceeded to rake in the chips towards the late stages of the tournament. In his final hand, Lee railed Akash Malik (India) with his ace-queen off suit, ending the day with a sizable stack of 450,000.

Along with Su and Lee several notables will also be returning for another grueling day at the felt. Alan King Lau, the current Asia Player of the Year 2015 leader, whose chips swung up and down throughout the day but managed to save 135,000 in his arsenal for day 2. John Riad is also in the mix, and like Lee, he re-entered and started raking it in to end the day with 255,000 chips. Riad had a particularly big hand against Darshan Sami with his pocket aces landing a huge double up.

With the rise of players, so must there be the fallen. And quite a number of familiar faces hit the rail today. Alex Lee (Malaysia), winner of the APPT Manila 2015 Warm-up, entered the event late and in just a few levels, he was heading out of the playing field.

Alex Lee.jpg

Others such as Per Douglas Olsson, runner-up of the APPT Manila 2015 Main Event, re-entered once and still could not survive. Jessie Leonarez, third place finisher at the APPT 2015 Manila Main Event also met the same fate despite re-entering twice. Another local pro who re-entered several times was John Tech who could not gain any momentum to get past the hard hitters at the felt. Pete Chen and Fu Bang Huang, both players high up in the APOY leader board, couldn’t earn more points as they were eliminated in the latter half of the day.

With the combined qualifiers of the day one flights, a total of 58 players will be returning for the final day, but only 36 of those will see the money. The eventual champion will be awarded PHP726,000 plus the Asia Championship of Poker 2M Spadie package. This package includes a seat, airfare to and from Manila, accommodations, and some spending cash.

The Main Event will resume at 12:15pm tomorrow, Sunday, September 27, 2015. There will also be one last side event, the Megastack Turbo (P250,000) guarantee. Buy-in is P3,000.

Congratulations to all the day 1b qualifiers!

Day 1b Survivors: 29
Shih Chieh Su – Taiwan – 616,000
Yi Won Lee – Korea – 450,000
Euryd Rivera – Philippines -333,000
Ji Woon Kim – Korea – 305,000
John Riad – Denmark – 255,000
Michael Kim Enriquez – Philippines – 239,000
Takayuki Fujii – Japan – 238,000
Danny Jolipa – Philippines – 233,000
Ardie Mariano – Philippines – 217,000
Richard Marquez – Philippines – 217,000
Richard Tolentino – Philippines – 204,000
Hyung Jin Chun – Canada – 201,000
Mary Joy Ocampo – Philippines – 189,000
Martin Corpuz – Philippines – 183,000
Mark Rirod De La Cruz – Philippines – 181,000
Edmil Marcelo – Philippines – 178,000
Marion Ivan Jericho Lato – Philippines – 169,000
Nicolas Arceo – Philippines – 162,000
Alan King Lun lau – Hong Kong – 135,000
Bernardo Chua – Philippines – 129,000
Jean G Issa – UK – 128,000
Nicolas Noguera – France – 125,000
Manuel Dalipe – Philippines – 116,000
Kunal Shetty – India – 114,000
Neil Lawrence – Malaysia – 114,000
Philip Jordan Osorio – Philippines – 96,000
Anton Chernykh – Russia – 78,000
Oliver Duran – France – 51,000
Han Yong Teng – Singapore – 38,000


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