Manila Megastack 3: Day 1b Updates

September 26, 2015

The Manila Megastack 3 is heating up the PokerStars Live poker room here at City of Dreams Manila. Today is the final day one flight, late registration and re-entry has closed. We are now at the freeze out stage of the Main Event. Posted here are some random hand histories of the day throughout the day.

Manila Megastack 3, Day 1b

8:20pm: Day 1b concludes with Su as our top dog

Day 1b is in the books with 29 players qualifying into day 2. Shih-Chieh Su raked in 616,000 chips and will return to tomorrow as the overall chip leader.

8:10pm: Lee rails Malik

Akash Malik was in fine form with over 200k chips just before the last level but after he doubled up Takayuki Fujii where his pocket queens was outflopped by Fujii’s king-jack diamond suited, he seemed to have gone downhill.

His last hand saw him moving all in which was called by Yi Won Lee. Lee had A♦Q♥ and Malik had 10♥7♣. The board ran blanks and Lee won the pot while ending Malik’s main event run.

8:00pm: Su amassing more chips

Current chip leader with over 350k chips is Shih Chieh Su. He added more chips to his arsenal in this hand. With a raised pot before him and a board of J♣A♦2♣, Su checked to his opponent who bet 25k. Su called. At the turn of 4♠, he checked again and his opponent bet 12k. Su raised it to 30k and it was called. Then on the river of 6♠, action was checked to Su who bet 60k. He was flat-called. Su won the hand with his A♥J♦ two pair. His opponent had A♣10♣. Su now has around 450k chips.

7:50pm: Reid gains some back

Shortly after John Reid lost some chips to Neil Lawrence he gained some of it back in a hand that we only caught at the shipping. With the board showing A♠6♣4♠9♥, and a heft pot weighing down the middle of the table, Reid bet 32k and claimed the pot with his opponent’s fold.

7:40pm: Straight up for Lawrence

With action folding all the way to the dealer button, John Reid raised 9k and was called by small blind player Neil Lawrence. At the flop of 10♣7♠J♣, it was check-check for both but on the turn of 8♦, Lawrence checked to Reid who didn’t want anymore free cards and bet 12k. Lawrence smooth-called. On the river of 9♠, Lawrence changed gears and slid out 30k and this time it was Reid who called. Lawrence won the pot with his K♠Q♥ straight.

7:30pm: Lee vs Chernykh

From mid position, big stacked Yi Won Lee raised to 8k and was called by Anton Chernykh on the big blind. With the board running 10♥A♦4♣, both checked. At the turn of Q♦, both checked again. On the river of J♥, Chernykh took a stab at the pot and bet 10k but Lee was confident and raised it to 25,500. Chernykh quickly folded.

7:20pm: Lau chipping up

Alan King Lau is on the move winning two hands nearly back-to-back. In the first hand, a mid position player raised to 28k which was answered with a three-bet to 78k by Lau. The initial raiser obliged and moved in all his chips but still below Lau’s raise. Lau had pocket tens versus his opponent’s ten-seven of diamonds. The board bricked and Lau won the pot.

Shortly after, Lau sent another player to the rail with his pocket eights besting a player’s connector cards. With those two wins, Lau moved to over 200k chips.

7:10pm: Give it to Marcelo

Edmil Marcelo initiated the action with a raise to 9k preflop and was called by three players. The dealer felted 9♥2♣9♣ with the sb player checking. Marcelo was next who bet 26,500 which was good enough for the takedown. Marcelo is sitting with over 200k chips.

strong>6:10pm: Chip leader update

Shih Chieh Su is currently the chip leader with around 310k chips. Euryd Rivera and Mike Kim Enriquez are also up there with around 200k.

6:00pm: Go’s ladies hurt Chen’s cowboys

In an all in preflop action, Richard Go had pocket queens and needed to get lucky against Pete Chen’s pocket kings to stay in the main event. He got exactly what he wished for as the board landed the two remaining queens giving him a sweet quads! Chen also landed a king but his full house was not good enough. A happy double up for Go.

5:50pm: Good call for Yip against Pangan

This definitely seemed like a tough hand to call but for Jimmy Yip, it paid off. From the cutoff seat, Luke Pangan raised to 4900 and got a caller on the big blind, Yip. At the flop of 8♣6♦K♣, Yip checked to Pangan who continued with a 7k bet. Yip flat-called. At the turn of 7♣, both checked for a free river card of 9♣. Again Yip checked to Pangan who pushed all in. With four clubs on the board, Yip took some time to decide what to do. After time was eventually called, Yip placed all his chips in the middle and won the hand with his 10♠10♥ straight. Pangan showed a 7♠ while commending Yip for a good call. A very well-earned double up for Yip.

5:40pm: Reid doubles up through Sami

Darshan Sami and John Reid engaged in a raise war preflop with Reid kicking it off to 3200. Sami responded with a re-raise to 12,500. Not done yet. Reid fired back another raise, this time to 26k and sending Sami to the tank. After a couple of minutes, Sami called and off to the flop of Q♥3♥9♠. Sami immediately slid all his chips in the middle and Reid did the same without hesitation. Sami had J♥10♦ for an open ended straight draw and Reid had A♠A♦. The board didn’t turn nor river the cards Sami needed and with that, Reid collected himself a sweet double up. Sami down to 11k.

5:30pm: Sick flush for Bolung

Crazy hands always happen at the felt. Always. This hand was clearly one of them. Sammy Bolung raised to 3200 pre-flop and was called by the big blind player. At the flop of 3♣4♣Q♥, bb checked and Bolung bet 3700. This sent the action back to the bb who raised it up to 9100. Bolung quickly moved all in, easily covering the bb player, but the bb went ahead and put his tournament life on the line. At the showdown, bb had Q♣J♠ for top pair and Bolung had K♥7♥. Bolung said he thought his opponent was bluffing so he shoved. Then the turn of 4♥ landed giving Bolung lots of out. And when the river felted one of them, 10♥, the table exclaimed in disbelief as Bolung completed a runner-runner flush. His opponent immediately got up understandably upset at the outcome. Sick hand!

5:20pm: A big pot for Enriquez’s aces

Mike Kim Enriquez got paid huge with his pocket aces in a hand that saw two limpers call his 5200 pre-flop raise. At the flop of A♦8♣K♣, One of the players, Darshan Sami checked, next player bet 7k, Enriquez raised to 15k, Darshan folded, and then a call. At the turn of 3♦, an all in was announced and Enriquez quickly called. Way ahead against K♥7♥, the river of 2♠ was of no consequence. Enriquez scooped up a huge pot as the other player left the scene.

5:00pm: Huang rails one with snowmen

Another player goes bust today, this one at the hands of Fubo Huang. During the hand a local player moved all in and Huang followed suit with more chips. Action folded all the way back to them and it was a showdown. Huang had pocket eights versus his opponent’s ace-queen. The board was dry and Huang won the pot while booting one in the process.

4:40pm: Registration closes for day 1b

That’s it! Registration has closed for day 1b of the main event. The unofficial tally is 193 entries. There are currently 120 players remaining. The prize pool has exceeded the 3m mark. We are at the freeze-out stage so any busts are unfortunately done for the tournament. Some of the late comers today were Alex Lee (Malaysia), Wally Sombero (Philippines), and Ben Abrahams (Thailand).

4:20pm: Raise wars; Lumanian and Kim

In two separate tables a preflop raise war was ensuing with Phuc Duc Phan raising to 2500 only to get popped to 15k by Jon Jon Lumanian. After proceeded to announce how much hates his hand, and his bet was good enough as Phan folded. Lumanian flipped his cards to show his pocket aces.

At another table, Soo Jo Kim raised to 1800 from the cutoff seat, was called by the button player, then raised to 5900 by Fubo Huang on the big blind. After about a minute, Kim four-bet to 13,800 which was good enough for the pot as both players after him folded.

4:10pm Chun wins pot off Bolung

Action kicked off with utg player Hyung Jin Chun limping in followed by Wally Sombero limping in, then when it was Sammy Bolung’s turn, he raised it to 2300 from the small blind. Chun called and Sombero folded for a showdown. At the flop of 7♠10♦2♥, Bolung bet 3200 and Chun flat-called. At the turn of 6♥, both checked. Then on the river of Q♦, both opted to check again. Bolung announced he had ace-jack but Chun had ace-king and won the pot.

4:00pm: Tech railed by Lau

John Tech lost a majority of his stack in an earlier hand then found himself at registration re-enetering. Not long after, he was back at the rail, eliminated by Alan King Lau. During the hand, Tech moved all in at the flop of A♠2♣Q♣. Lau snap-called and it was Lau who had the better with ace-king over ace-jack. With the next two cards no help to Tech, he quickly bowed out.

3:40pm: Su’s check-raise too strong

With around 12k already in the pot and a board of 10♣6♦K♣, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa and Shih Chieh Su checked to button player Mike Kim Enriquez who bet 5025. He was flat-called by Tsuchikawa and Su. On the turn of 9♠, everyone quietly checked for a free river card of 7♣. Action checked again to Enriquez who took a stab at the pot by betting out 11,625. Tsuchikawa took a minute then called. As for Su, he counted out the bet then gave it a lift to an additional 20k. Enriquez and Tsuchikawa quickly folded.

3:30pm: Tech plunges downward

Catching the action at the flop of J♣9♣8♦, John Tech checked to Jean Issa who bet 1200, Anton Chernykh raised it to 6400, Tech called and Issa folded. At the turn of Q♣, Tech took charge and bet 7500, Chernykh called. Then on the river of 7♠, Tech banged out 9k only to be answered with an all in by Chernykh which easily covered Tech. Tech folded and Chernykh earned a nice pot. Tech fell to 6k chips.

3:20pm: Benasa’s set gets paid

Mark Benasa doubled up in hand that his opponent just couldn’t get away from. It started with a min raise by Benasa to 800 then faced a re-raise to 2500 by the button player. Benasa called and off to the flop they went, K♥4♣6♠. Acting first, Benasa bet 2k and was called. At the turn of 9♣, Benasa continued and bet 3500. He was called again. Then on the river of 3♣, Benasa decided it was best to go all in for 10,350 and once again he was called. Benasa revealed his 4♦4♠ set and was shipped the pot after his opponent mucked.

3:15pm: Sweet hand for Nguyen

In an unraised pot, four players saw a flop land 9♥9♠8♦. Everyone checked. The turn of K♣ changed things with Yi Won Lee betting 1k and finding one caller in Tan Phat Nguyen. On the river of 3♥, Lee checked to Nguyen who laid out 2200 which was enough to get Lee to fold. Nguyen shared his winning hand, 9♣8♣ for a full house made at the flop. Nice hand!

3:10pm: Takayama vs Magdagasang

Unfortunately we were unable to get the action of this hand prior to the river bet but from what we saw, there was a pot of over 20k in the middle and a board showing J♥2♥6♠Q♦3♦. Local pro Mike Takayama bet 12,300 and Rebel Magdagasang folded. Takayama is now at around 58k chips.

2:30pm White takes one away from Lau

Anthony White showed some muscle in this hand against Alan King Lau. Action began with White raising to 750, then got re-raised to 1700 by Lau to his immediate left. After everyone else folded, the dealer felted A♦K♠5♠. White checked, Lau bet 1400, and White smooth-called. At the turn of 8♦, both slowed to a check, but on the river of 7♦, White slid out 4600 worth of chips giving Lau something to think about. Lau eventually folded and White was awarded a well-earned pot.

2:20pm: Brion wins two small pots

Adrian Brion is getting comfortable at his table. He just claimed two decent stacks. The first one was against Pete Chen. Chen raised to 700 preflop, Brion three-bet to 1700, and Chen called. At the flop of Q♥A♠K♣, Chen checked to Brion who bet 1700 again. Chen folded.

Next hand, Brion raised to 700 and got one caller in the cutoff seat. The flop ran 6♠3♣8♣, both players checked. At the turn of K♥ and river of 7♣, they both checked again. Brion won with his A♥10♦.

2:15pm: Draper scoops up a nice pot

Patrick Draper gave Sammy Bolung a bit of a shock when this hand ended so lets review what happened. Draper limped in from mid position, Bolung raised to 900, Ginbert De Villa on the big blind called, and so did Draper. At the flop of K♦3♣5♣, De Villa checked to Draper who bet 1800. Bolung folded and De Villa called. At the turn of 7♣, both players checked. Then on the river of 3♦, De Villa changed gears and bet 4200. Not satisfied with that bet, Draper punched it to 8400. De Villa folded and Draper revealed his 3♠5♠ hand. At this, Bolung exclaimed his surprise at the winning hand. He’ll surely be keeping that hand in mind for future any future battles with Draper.

2:00pm: Numbers climbing, exceeded 2m guarantee

We have exceeded the 2m guarantee! We are at the end of level 3 and already there are 100 entries recorded. Among the latecomers were Per Douglas Olsson, Jesse Leonarez, Yi Won Lee, Jung Keun Kang, SJ Kim, Adrian Brion, and John Tech.


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