Manila Megastack 4: Final Day Updates

December 06, 2015

Shuffle up and deal! The cards are flying and the chips are shuffling for the final day of the Manila Megastack 4 Main Event. What’s up for grabs? The P752,000 first place cash prize and the championship title. There are 48 players battling it out at the felt and only 36 of them will see the money. Stay with us right here for updates of the Main Event felt.

6:35PM: Tsuchikawa wins the Main Event!

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa has won the Main Event! He shoved and Anacleto Quijano called for his tournament life. Tsuchikawa had Q♣5♦ and Quijano had K♠4♥. The board ran 10♣6♣4♣A♠5♥ and that was it. Quijano ends in 2nd place and earns P480,200 for his finish.

Tsuchikawa wins the first place purse of P752,500.

6:30PM: Tsuchikawa up to 9M chips

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa is now the overwhelming chip leader after scooping a massive double up against Anacleto Quijano. Action began with Tsuchikawa raising to 650k and Quijano calling. At the flop of K♠4♣6♠, both players checked to get a free turn card of 8♥. Acting first, Quijano bet 1M and Tsuchikawa responded with an all in. Quijano called and it was a showdown. Quijano had 4♠2♠ for bottom pair and a flush draw and Tsuchikawa had K♥2♦ for top pair. The river felted a 7♥, not what Quijano was looking for and Tsuchikawa won the hand. He now has over 9M in chips.

6:00PM: Heads Up between Tsuchikawa and Quijano

MM4 Heads up.jpg
Tetsuya Tsuchikawa with 5.85M chips
Anacleto Quijano with 5.35M chips

Blinds level 27 150k/300k 50k ante

6:00PM: Huerto falls in 3rd place

Joven Huerto’s stack took a beating in a straight over straight situation, after that, he fell in 3rd place. It started with a raise by Huerto on the small blind and Anacleto Quijano on the big blind called. At the flop of 2♥A♠Q♦, Huerto bet 500k and Quijano called. At the turn of 3♣, both players opted to check. Then on the river of K♣, action was heavy with Huerto betting 600k, got raised to 1.2M, and Huerto decided to call. Quijano had J♣10♠ straight way ahead of Huerto’s 4♦5♦ bottom straight. On the next hand, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa called Huerto’s short stack all in and eliminated him in third place. Huerto earns P304,100 for his finish.

5:45PM: Quijano fires back

Anacleto Quijano lost a big chunk to Tetsuya Tsuchikawa in a previous hand but reclaimed some of it back. He moved all in and Tsuchikawa called. Quijano had ace-eight offsuit up against Tsuchikawa’s king-queen offsuit. The board landed an ace on the flop and from there Quijano stayed ahead. He doubled up to over 3M chips.

5:30PM: Tsuchikawa up to 6M chips

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa has just shaved a chunk off Anacleto Quijano and is now sitting with over 6M in chips. During the hand Quijano raised to 545k and Tsuchikawa called. At the flop of K♣J♣7♣, Quijano checked to Tsuchikawa who bet 625k. Action was back to Quijano who check-raised all in. Tsuchikawa called and it was time to reveal their cards. Quijano had K♠9♦ for top pair and Tsuchikawa had Q♠10♣ for a straight draw and a flush draw. With lots of outs and two cards to go, Tsuchikawa turned a A♣ nut flush and with the river of 8♣, he was shipped all the chips in the middle.

5:20PM: Tsuchikawa doubles up through Huerto

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa shoved on the button and Joven Huerto quickly called. Tsuchikawa had K♣9♥ and Huerto had A♣6♣. The board was good to Tsuchikawa as it ran J♣5♠6♥K♦5♦ giving him a higher pair than Huerto and a big double up to 3.6M chips.

5:20PM: Huerto burns Gopez in 4th place

Joven Huerto and Edilberto Gopez had all their chips in the middle with Gopez pushing and Huerto calling. Huerto had 9♦9♣ and Gopez had J♥J♣. Though ahead, the board ran 8♦3♦3♣9♥3♠ giving Huerto a full house and Gopez had to settle for 4th place. Gopez earns P240,100 for his finish.

Huerto now in the chip lead with 4.8M chips.

5:15PM: Augustyn out in 5th place, Quijano massive chip leader

Anacleto Quijano eliminated Brice Augustyn and was just awarded a massive pot. It began with Quijano raising to 400k on the small blind and Augustyn pushed all in. Quijano snap-called and it was a showdown. Quijano had 9♥9♠ and Augustyn with A♠5♦. The board ran 5♣Q♣4♠10♥8♥ and with that, Quijano eliminated Augustyn in 5th place. Augustyn earns P176,100 for his finish.

Quijano now the chip leader with over 4M chips.

5:00PM: Huerto eliminates De Caro in 6th place

Stefano De Caro moved his remaining 500k chips in the middle and was quickly called by Joven Huerto. De Caro had J♦10♠ and was way behind Huerto’s K♣K♦. The board was no help to De Caro and Huerto rails him in 6th placec. De Caro earns P144,000 for his finish.

Huerto now the chip leader with 2.9M chips.

4:45PM: Sami railed by Quijano in 7th place

Darshan Sami.jpg
Darshan Sami went all in with K♦Q♣ but ran into Anacleto Quijano’s red ladies and when the board produced no king and no straight, Sami bowed out in 7th place. Sami earns P112,000 for his finish.

4:30PM: Quijano doubled up by Tsuchikawa

From sitting on top to diving low in chips, Anacleto Quijano bagged a big double up through Tetsuya Tsuchikawa. Quijano was all in with 3♣3♠ and Tsuchikawa had K♠Q♣. The board ran K♥3♥5♥A♣10♠ and with that set, Quijano rose to 1.8M chips.

4:15PM: Moon out in 8th place

Steve Moon’s pocket fours could not hold up against Brice Augustyn’s big slick when the board landed an ace on the flop. Moon exits in 8th place and earns P94,400 for his finish.

Augustyn is the chip leader with 3.8M chips.

4:00PM: Gopez earns a pot against Quijano

Edilberto Gopez claimed a nice pot in a betting war against Anacleto Quijano. During the hand, Gopez raised to 260k and Quijano called. At the flop of A♥J♠10♥, action got heavy with Gopez betting 175k, Quijano raising to 350k, and Gopez pushing all in. Quijano folded and Gopez earned a good one.

4:00PM: De Caro doubles up

Stefano De Caro found a nice hand to go all in with and did so following Edilberto Gopez’s shove. At the showdown, De Caro had A♠K♠ and Gopez had A♣Q♠. The board ran blanks and De Caro doubled up to over 500k chips.

3:45PM: Tsuchikawa collects blinds and antes

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa has gone in a total of four times and was not called. He collects blinds and antes and one limp.

3:30PM: Sami doubles up through Quijano

Darshan Sami kicked off the hand with a raise to 200k and Anacleto Quijano with a massive stack, three-bet to 320k. Sami quickly jumped all in and Quijano called. Sami had A♠Q♦ and Quijano with K♥10♠. The board bricked and Sami doubled up to over 1.4M chips.

3:15PM: Huerto takes first two and rails Munoz in 9th place

At the first hand of the final table, Joven Huerto raised under the gun and won the hand without any callers. On the second hand, Roden Munoz moved all in with his short stack and both blinds, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa and Huerto called. The board gave Huerto a straight and Munoz bowed out in 9th place. Munoz earns P76,800 for his finish.

3:10PM: Final Table of 9

Brice Augustyn 2.98M
Anacleto Quijano 2.825M
Steve Moon 1.34M
Edilberto Gopez 1.3M
Joven Huerto 805K
Darshan Sami 765K
Tetsuya Tsuchikawa 585K
Stefano de Caro 470K
Roden Munoz 75K

Average stack is 1.25M

3:00PM: Augustyn rails two, down to 9 players

In a three-way all in shove, Brice Augustyn had pocket kings up against Ricardo Campanario’s ace-seven and Jae Wook Shin’s pocket eights. The board ran 8♠6♣4♥ giving Shin a set but with the turn of 10♠ and river of K♠, Augustyn landed a higher set and eliminated two players instantly. We are now down to the final table of 9 players.

2:50PM: Quijano eliminates Delos Reyes

Regie Ann Delos Reyes moved all in with ace-five and could not find any help on the board and fell to Anacleto Quijano’s pocket eights that landed a set.

2:50PM: Augustyn ousts Co

Brice Augustyn shoved preflop and Eugene Co called for his tournament life. Augustyn had A♦Q♠ ahead of Co’s ace-ten offsuit. The board ran blanks and Augustyn scooped up all of Co’s chips bringing him to over 1m chips.

2:45PM: Delos Reyes doubles up

Regie Ann Delos Reyes needed to get lucky when she went all in with her K♣5♠ and was called by Jae Wook Shin with K♥9♦. The board ran well for her 3♦Q♣6♠K♠5♦ giving her two pairs and a double up.

2:45PM: Salud falls to Huerto’s set

Despite having the best hand at the shove, George Salud’s pocket eights could not survive against Joven Huerto’s pocket fours when the board ran A♠4♥7♠3♦9♠.

2:30PM: Tech eliminates by Quijano, chip leader with 1.6m

Anacleto Quijano has taken out Filipino poker pro John Tech and now has over 1.6m chips. Quijano landed a full house on the board with his ace-eight offsuit against Tech’s ace-seven.

2:15PM: More eliminations down to 17 players

Anacleto Quijano called Mary Joy Ocampo’s all in and was awarded all of her chips with his ace-king dominating the whole way. At another table, Brice Augustyn eliminated Kejie Ye.

2:00PM: De Caro triples up!

Stefano de Caro landed himself a sweet triple up with his ace-queen making a straight on the board. He was up against Kejie Ye who had pocket tens that improved to a set, and John Tech who had ace-ten. De Caro is now up to 600k chips.

1:45PM: Big pot for Sami

Darshan Sami scooped up a very nice big pot in a hand that began with an all in by Wzardioline Lazier, another all in by Jae Wook Shin, then another by Darshan Sami, leaving the action to Mary Joy Ocampo on the big blind. To everyone’s shock, she folded and showed her pocket queens. It was a good decision as Sami had K♦K♥, Shin had J♥J♠, and Lazier had Q♠6♠. The board bricked and Sami shipped it all in. He now has around 600k chips.

1:30PM: Co rising

Eugene Co doubled up earlier and then tripled up, and now his pocket aces just won him a nice pot while eliminating a player in the process. From 113k to start his day, he now has close to 500k chips.

1:15PM: Huerto cracks aces

Joven Huerto found himself in a massive battle for a pot against Jeff Lye and we caught the action on a turn board of Q♠2♣10♣8♦. Huerto checked to Lye who bet 148k, Huerto called. Then on the river of Q♣, Huerto was all in and Lye called. Huerto had ace-queen cracking Lye’s pocket aces.

1:00PM: Acfalle bubbles

After a series of all ins that avoided elimination, the bubble burst when Franklin Acfalle was eliminated by John Tech. In a battle of the blinds, Tech had ace-four and Acfalle had ace-eight. The board ran well for Tech as it paired both of his cards sending Acfalle out of the tournament as the bubble.

12:45PM: Yeh’s all ins

Lee Chung Yeh is quite active at his table. He was all in against Eugene Co and ended up doubling Co up when his ace-ten was no good against Co’s ace-jack. Yeh moved all in again and Tran called him. Yeh had ace-nine and Tran had ace-seven. Yeh doubled up. He went all in again and this time, there were no callers.

12:30PM: Early bust outs

Soo Jo Kim and Trifie Montebon were the first two eliminations today. Montebon was railed by Regie Ann Delos Reyes while Kim was eliminated by Jeff Lye. At Kim’s bust out, he moved all in and Lye reraised to isolate him. Lye had pocket twos and Kim had ace-queen suited. The board bricked and Kim was out.

12:15PM: Early double up for Tran

Linh Tran was one of the early double up when he faced off against Lee Chung Yeh. On a board of 3♣8♥K♣Q♥, and big pot already in the middle, Tran bet 75k, was pushed all in by Yeh, Tran called for his tournament life. Tran had K♥Q♠ two pairs while Yeh had A♦J♠ a draw. The river of 7♣ was good for Tran for a double up.


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